Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Adventure,Comedy Harold and Kumar:3D Christmas-Review

Harold and Kumar:3D Christmas-Review

            It has been years since best friends, Harold Lee (John Cho) and Kumar Patel (Kal Penn), have been laying back and enjoying each other company while performing their favorite pastime. Harold married Maria (Paula Garces) and works on Wall St. Kumar was kicked out of medical school and is performing his favorite pastime alone. A package addressed to Harold arrives at Kumar’s apartment and he decides to deliver it his house. Once Kumar arrives, the chaos begins. Starting with the destruction of Kumar’s father-in-law’s tree that he has been growing for eight years, the duo and a couple friends begin the adventure to find another tree that is also unique and rare. Somehow, the Russian mob is after them and they run into Neil Patrick Harris, who they thought was dead. They have until midnight to stay alive and find a tree before Maria and her family comes home. Will this adventure bring them together as best friends again? What’s the worst that can happen just shopping for a specific tree?  


            I enjoyed this film, more than the second but not the first. I liked that Harold and Kumar had their separate lives and while Harold was climbing the corporate latter, Kumar was stuck in a rut. I do wish that Kumar was a doctor instead of a lost cause but then it wouldn’t be much of a comedy. Then again, I think making him a doctor and still stuck in his pastime ways can work. I liked that NPH was brought in the story, especially part one, it was hilarious, but not in this film. I felt that it was not needed or he could have been brought in a different way. For example, the whole bringing NPH back from the dead (he is shot in part two) and singing on Broadway was a bore. There are a lot of funny moments, especially with Harold’s friend Todd (Thomas Lennon) and his baby daughter. They are a hilarious combo, funnier than Harold and Kumar. Illegal substances keep accidentally getting into his daughter and he comments and complains when she becomes addicted and her reactions to the addiction. The 3D was great but I did get tired of seeing so many scenes burst in slow motion, but that was what made it great. All in all, I will see this film again.

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