Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Horror The Human Centipede-Review

The Human Centipede-Review

            Ever watch one of your favorite films and wish you can become that main character, doing the same things from the film as that character? Well, loner and mute Martin (Laurence R. Harvey) does and did. Working as a night security guard in a parking lot, he studies The Human Centipede from start to finish rewinds and starts again. While taking notes, he kidnaps people going to their cars and locks them in a large room. While trying to complete his studies, he has to suffer physical and emotional torment from his mother who thinks that he is a waste of space. After he collects the twelve victims including the star from the original movie, Ashlynn Yennie, he gets to work to connect them. Complications arise and put a damper on his work. Will a normal medically untrained Martin succeed? Will someone escape? How did he get Ashlynn there?  


            So, before I get to the negative-which is all I think of this film-I will begin with what I appreciate. I appreciate when Martin is working on the centipede that it shows that he is an amateur and makes a lot of mistakes like cutting too deep or using the wrong utensils. In most films, amateurs like Martin, tend to perform their task near perfectly like in American Psycho. I appreciate the sense to try to outdo the first movie by adding gorier and disturbing scenes. This task is not easy to do and I believe it was done successfully. Last, I appreciate how they brought in the character from the original and made it fit in the story and into Martin’s obsession. Enough with the pleasantries, this is the worst film I have ever seen. I wish to erase it from my memory and for all the copies in the world to be destroyed in a high blaze of fire. I love gore, am a huge fan, but the gore in this film was over-the-top too much. Performing the centipede project wasn’t so bad with Martin making dramatic medical mistakes; it’s the acts he does to himself and others that are not fit for the screen. I get that the makers of the film want the audience to remember it just like part one but a film should be remembered for the likeness not disgust because word-of-mouth will make it unsellable. The victims in the film that were kidnapped were given a stupid task. That task is to be locked up in a large room for days without Martin watching and only restrained by duck tape, which they could have easily helped each other out of. Also, being the amateur that he is, Martin would repeatedly hit them on the head with a crow bar to keep them quiet. Obviously he doesn’t know anything about head trauma and that it is like life threatening. There are a couple scenes that are so disturbing that I had to turn my head but the sounds were still there. It wasn’t from the connecting of people; I’ll just let you find out if you have the unfortunate idea to watch it. All in all, I wish I could give this film a -1 but half a star will do for what little appreciation I have for it.

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