Yes, Man

  Yes Man! That is the movie you will want to say yes to. A hilarious comedy starring the great, Jim Carrey. Its about a jaded man named, Carl Allen, who works at a bank and life is just absolutely miserable, but then he finds a lot more excitement.

  The movie begins with Carl Allen(Jim Carrey) working at the same dead-job, no girlfriend, and no life. His friends think he is a total buzz-kill and feel that he is just an excuse-making liar. So when there is nothing left for him to do, a friend of Carl’s tells him to go to a, “say yes,” seminar. Dejected, Carl decides to go. At first he feels it’s just a scam but then he makes a covenant with himself to say “yes” at every opportunity. Immediately after the seminar as Carl is getting into his car, a hobo asks if he can get a ride. Carl hesitates at the question, but he decides to give the hobo a ride.

  The hobo asks if he can barrow Carl’s cell phone. Again, Carl is hesitant at the question, but allows it. The hobo ends up using up the battery. Finally, as the hobo steps out of the Car, he asks Carl for some money. Carl slowing hands him a bundle of cash. Hysterically happy, the hobo runs off and dives into a bush. As Carl is on his way home, he runs out of gas, and of course, the battery is dead on his phone. He walks to a gas station and a young woman rides up on a motorbike and asks if Carl wants a ride. He accepts her offer and after she drops him off, she surprises him with a kiss.

   Carl begins to find his life is gradually getting better, just by him saying “yes” to everything. He gets a promotion for saying that he would come into work on his day off, he says yes to learning to play guitar, he says yes to learning the Korean language.  During the film he keeps seeing the motorbike girl, Allison, and they start dating. Towards the end of the film he realizes that it is not good to always say “yes” to everything. Everything blows up in his face and he has to try to find a way to fix it.

  The comedy in this film is explosive. I was not sure if I would like it at first, but I was proven wrong. I would say that Jim Carrey is most definitely at his best! There is quite a few scenes of slapstick comedy in there, there is quite a bit of romantic comedy, its just all out comedic fun!

   My overall reaction to the movie, Yes Man, is that it was laugh out loud funny, and it is definitely a fun film that anybody can watch. I recommend that every should watch this film….. it is a “must see.”

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