Coraline is a film that can be enjoyed by all ages and makes you think about what you are watching to the very end.

Coraline, an imaginative girl with a nack for exploration, moves away from her great life in the city and moves into a small set of apartments beside a forest where only a few residents reside. Within the area she meets many weird and wonderful characters that include: Wybie, the only other child and weird boy who is shy and has no friends, A set of former actresses who have a love of Taffy and Scottie dogs, A former Russian circus performer who trains mice and another set of characters who are in a world of their own. After her parents take no interest in her, she explores their new home and finds a secret door. The door is bricked up and she goes to bed without supper bored. In the night she awakes to a mouse that leads her back to the door, but this time there is a portal-esc hole leading to an exact same house. In the house she finds a her parents (who identify themselves as other mother and other father etc..) except they are opposites of her real parents with her mother loving her to a point of obsession and her father being energetic, unpredictable and both being extremely talented. They both however have buttons for eyes. Over the course of the film she goes back and forth through the door and meets all the other counterparts of the apartments each a much exaggerated version of the real thing each loving of Coraline and only wanting to please her, but no-one believes her. Then on one trip to the other world, she discovers a secret and things aren’t all that they seem in this miracle world.

The film is very well written and it leads you along the plot, without ever giving away the twist. It just seems like an enjoyable adventure where a young girl gets a fantasy world where everything is perfect, then it suddenly takes a very large turn and becomes something that will make even older children scared. The characters are each given their own personality and really does feel like they are real and their other world counter-parts are creepy even when they aren’t supposed to be. None of the characters are hateful and you will like all of them except one at the twist of the film

overall, Coraline is a well written and well acted movie with nice stop motion to boot. Its plot is cheerful and fun and its twist isn’t noticeable until its right in front of you. i would recommend it to anyone, but if you’re looking for a action packed film then it’s not for you. It’s just a nice, clean, fun family film.

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