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The 100 Best Actors of All Time: Another List From J.C. Simpson

1. Sam Rockwell
2. Edward Norton
3. Kevin Spacey
4. Johnny Depp
5. Clint Eastwood
6. Robert Downey, Jr.
7. Tom Hanks
8. Denzel Washington
9. Brad Pitt
10. Robert De Niro

11. Ben Kingsly
12. Philip Seymour Hoffman
13. Morgan Freeman
14. Peter O’Toole
15. Robin Williams
16. Daniel Day-Lewis
17. Anthony Hopkins
18. Leonardo DiCaprio
19. Sean Penn
20. Tim Robbins

21. Jack Nicholson
22. Matt Damon
23. Ian McKellen
24. Kevin Bacon
25. Michael Caine
26. Laurence Olivier
27. Kenneth Branagh
28. Jude Law
29. Russell Crowe
30. Adrien Brody

31. Casey Affleck
32. Heath Ledger
33. Ben Affleck
34. Ralph Fiennes
35. Liam Neeson
36. Alan Rickman
37. Mel Gibson
38. Forest Whitaker
39. William Hurt
40. Will Smith

41. John Hurt
42. George Clooney
43. Gene Hackman
44. Richard Jenkins
45. Ryan Reynolds
46. Joaquin Pheonix
47. Don Cheadle
48. Dustin Hoffman
49. Marlon Brando
50. Gregory Peck

51. Al Pacino
52. Steve Carrell
53. Paul Newman
54. Robert Redford
55. Harvey Keitel
56. George C. Scott
57. Samuel L. Jackson
58. Charlton Heston
59. John Travolta
60. James Stewart

61. Dudley Moore
62. Frank Sinatra
63. Richard Attenburough
64. Henry Fonda
65. Charlie Chaplin
66. Jim Caviezel
67. John C. McGinley
68. Orson Welles
69. Ryan Gosling
70. Ewan McGregor

71. Alec Guiness
72. Alan Arkin
73. John Wayne
74. Mickey Rourke
75. Nick Nolte
76. Ernest Borgnine
77. Humphrey Bogart
78. Burt Lancaster
79. Mickey Rooney
80. Cary Grant

81. John Cusack
82. Joe Pesci
83. Ray Liota
84. Tim Roth
85. Steve Buscemi
86. Cillian Murphy
87. Michael Madsen
88. Josh Brolin
89. Tommy Lee Jones
90. Woody Harrelson

91. Matthew McConaughey
92. Tim Currey
93. Jim Carrey
94. Bruce Willis
95. Dennis Quaid
96. David Morse
97. Patrick Wilson
98. Neil Patrick Harris
99. Giovanni Ribisi
100. Sam Worthington

So That’s all 100; please comment if you disagree or agree. Thanks.

3 thoughts on “The 100 Best Actors of All Time: Another List From J.C. Simpson”

  1. By many things, by the way thank you for asking this. First off, by the captivating ability they have personally had on me. Whenever someone makes a list, regardless of how bias they are, they make it like the way that THEY believe that it should be. So, it is mainly based on that, along with their acting repertoire, their positions in their movies, and the audiences that they pull in, regarding age and what not. In all honesty, it took me about three hours to do this list from pure research and ordering things in my mind.
    But I believe that it is quite accurate, though many people may believe that Sam Rockwell doesn’t belong in the driver’s seat, let alone in the top ten, but the way he has been able to act PERFECTLY in all (but the Hitchhiker’s Guide flop, which destroyed the reputation of all of the actors in it, along with Douglas Adams) movies he has appeared in, he has captivated me and many people. Edward Norton is a given, and so are Depp, Hanks, Eastwood, and Downey, Jr. They all either have spunk, or a thing about them that captivates and adds beauty to everything.
    If you want to see what I mean about Rockwell, then see a movie that was Directed by Duncan Jones, David Bowie’s son, and had a $5-$7 Million budget, called Moon. It is out of theaters, and isn’t coming out to Blockbuster or NetFlix until January of 2010. It is on a site called

  2. I am also a huge fan of Ben Foster and Joseph Gordon Levitt. Check them out!
    They play very diverse…and at times, risky roles. I have been impressed by them time and time again.
    Especially by Ben Foster in his role in Bang, Bang, You’re Dead and Alpha Dog.
    Joseph Gordon Levitt was incredible in The Lookout

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