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Futurama – Into The Wild Green Yonder

The Futurama film series rounds off with this funny but muddled adventure. Futurama – Into the Wild Green Yonder is a science fiction comedy film directed by Peter Avanzino and starring Billy West, Katy Sagal and John Di Maggio.

After Leo Wong, a billionaire and father of one of the crew, destroys a large part of Mars to build a casino, Leela (Sagal) takes it personally and joins an Eco-feminists group. Fry suffers and accident and is given telepathic powers (which he mistakes for invisibility in one scene leading him into the ladies locker room) and meets another man with the same powers who leads him to a secret society, The Legion of Mad fellows, who are a society devoted to stopping the dark ones, an animal of pure evil that could be anything. Meanwhile Leo Wong reveals he is to destroy 13% of the entire universe for a golf course. This makes up most of the first half of the film with Leela and her Eco group ruining the development of the course. At the same time as this, Bender (Di Maggio) is having an affair with the Don-Bot’s wife leading to hilarious consequences and a large scale poker tournament in which Bender and Fry engage wits. The second part of the film is all about everyone joining together to stop Leo Wong (and at the same time the dark ones) in any way they can, all the while exploring the romance between Leela and Fry.

The film is very muddled and poorly written. The first half of the movie has bender and the wife of the Don-Bot having an affair, then almost in instantaneously, stops that plot-line altogether. It just ends and the Dons wife or the Don make no further appearances and make that whole section of the film pointless. The ending (which i won’t give away) is incredibly underwhelming. The last three ended with terrific battles and action scenes throughout, but, this film is mostly talky with only a few brief scenes of action coming from Leela and her group sabotaging Leo’s golf course. It is an incredible disappointing ending to one of the greatest TV series of all time and a disappointing film all round. The jokes are pretty good and there is allot of them, but most of the film is explanation and lame dialogue. Fry’s plot-line is the least entertaining with it mostly being about the dark ones past and him trying to convince Leela to trust him. Sure, there is jokes in his plot-line, but there just isn’t enough of them.

The direction is very good for the most part with the few action scenes looking awesome with long winding camera angles following the ships as they blast through the golf courses. All characters get a look in somewhere, but the film is noticeably lacking allot of Zoidberg, arguably the funniest character. CGI is just as good as the last films and anumation is very well done with backgrounds looking fresh and lively along with detailed character models even if they are just extras. The soundtrack isn’t as good as the amazing soundtrack in Benders Game, but does an alright job of setting the atmosphere.

Overall, ITWGY is a good addition but is bogged down with an extremely underwhelming ending and much fewer jokes than the last films and episodes.  Throwaway plot-lines and the non-showings of main characters. I would recommend it to fans for the ending which is very underwhelming but does answer one of the biggest questions in futurama. If your not a fan then it’s worth a watch but don’t expect something amazing.

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