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Zombie Land reviewed by twidle35

Ok i realize that this movie has already been reviewed on this website, but i wanted to give my own review of it.

Zombie Land stars Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson as two survivors of the zombie apocolypse that has taken over the united states, now know as “Zombie Land”. They are on the search for new places, and twinkies. While at the super market, they come across 2 female survivors. The 2 girls are sisters, and they are scam artists, and end up tricking the boys into giving up there truck, and weapons. All 4 of them end up sticking together to finish there journey, but the girls cant be trusted.

First off, let me just say Zombieland is definatly not as funny as I thought it was going to be. For a comedy, Zombieland rarely made me laugh throughout the movie. Although im not going to lie, there were some funny parts, just not as many as id of liked to see. But i was not disapointed, this movie was a fun adventure, and it covered mostly everything people would of wanted to do if they could do anything, such as in the case of zombies taking over, anythings legal. They go to hollywood to famous peoples houses, they go to an amusement park, they trash stores. Zombieland takes the scariness of the zombies but takes out the seriousness. All zombie movies now days are so serious, and never cover any of the fun stuff you could do. What was unique about Zombieland was the way they tried new ways of killing zombies for recreation, instead of just the old board up the house and kill them as they come in approach. Along with the rules introduced at different times in the movie was pretty cool. Although there are tons of variations of zombie movies, zombie land made this different from the rest. Although I wonder why its always random people that survive… and never any soldiers or people like that (excluding resident evil).

The acting in this movie was done well I believe. Jesse Eisenberg plays the role of a wimpy kid quite well. I think for this movie, an actor like Michael Cera could of been a better selection for the role, but Jesse did okay. Woody Harrelson did an excellent job of playing the tough red neck type of charactor. Emma Stone plays the perfect “popular” type girl. Emma and Abigail played the perfect sister scam artist role as well. Abigail Breslin was iffy in this movie, she wasnt bad , she just wasnt great.

Now onto the sound track. Not much to say, it was a great soundtrack for this movie. The music really played a big role in this movie. Rock songs when kicking the zombies butt was a great touch. 4/5 on sound track.

Overall this movie was good, i recommend you see it, but its not a must see, and definatly not a must have, but if you happen to not be able to find a movie you want to see and stroll past this one, consider picking it up.



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