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Top 10 Best Films of this Decade (2000-2009)

Since we have reached the end of this decade I see it’s only fitting for me to make a list of my favorite films of this decade. Wow!! Can’t believe it’s already the end to another decade. They seem to fly by faster the older you get. As far as movies go, there were a lot of great movies in this decade and it’s going to be hard to pick only ten films for this list but I will do my best and try not to add too many Honorable Mentions.


10. Donnie Darko(2001)-For me this is easily one of the best movies of the early part of the decade. Jake Gyllenhaal gives his best performance and it probably will never be topped by him. It’s a major head trip and a film that will have you asking a lot of questions and can be hard to follow if you don’t devote yourself to it 100%.


9. There Will Be Blood(2007)-Daniel Day-Lewis received a very worthy Oscar win for Best Actor in this film for a brilliant performance as independent oilman Daniel Plainview. This film was easily one of the best films of 2007 and would have been well deserving of the Oscar win for Best Picture and it easily slides into my top 10 films of this decade as I think this movie is absolutely amazing.


8. The Departed(2006)-Being a fan of the original Japanese film Infernal Affairs I was delighted to hear that Martin Scorsese was remaking it. This was my favorite film of 2006. The acting across the board was phenomenal. I can’t really complain as a remake either because yes it was a remake but Scorsese went a different direction with this film than the original did.


7. Mulholland Dr.(2001)-The past couple years I started delving into the sick and twisted mind of David Lynch and I have become quite the fan of his work. Of what I’ve seen of his films so far Mulholland Dr. is my favorite and an easy choice to make it into my top films of this decade. Naomi Watts was amazing in this film and we get to see a side of her that we haven’t seen yet. As with all Lynch films you wonder what is wrong with this man and what exactly goes on in his head…but that’s what’s so great about him. If you’re a Lynch fan and you haven’t seen this film you really need to watch it.


6. City of God(2003)- As the movie poster states, this really is one of the best films that you will ever see. This film is referred to by many as the Brazilian Goodfellas and I definitely see the similarities. Basically this is a Brazilian gangster flick and a must see for all movie fans. The violence in the film can make it hard to watch at times. But you can get through that and enjoy this film nonetheless.


5. No Country For Old Men(2007)-This was my favorite movie of 2007 and it easily makes this list of the best films of the decade. Winner of Best Picture, Best Directing, and Best Supporting Actor at the Oscars and well deserved. Javier Bardem was the standout performance in this film and he was awarded that with the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. The Coen Brothers, whom I’m a huge fan of, finally get that Best Directing nod and they deserved it. A film that is slow moving at times but even in those slow moving parts I was glued to the screen.


4. Pan’s Labyrinth(2006)-Winner of Best Foreign Film at the 2006 Oscars, an award this film was highly deserving of. This is a lot more of a dark fantasy and more suited for the adults than the children. There are parts of the film that are very creepy. This film has put Guillermo Del Toro on the map and I have a feeling he will be around for a long time to come.


3. Oldboy(2003)-This was one of the first foreign films that I had ever watched and I never expected to see such an amazing film. This is another one of your revenge films that we all love so much. I don’t know if it’s just the Asians or what but this movie was so much more violent than any other revenge flick that I’ve seen. Since seeing this film I have watched a few more Chan-Wook Park films and he is one of my favorite directors. This is a film that all movie lovers should see. Whether you’ve seen an Asian film before or not…this one would be a good one to start on.


2. The Dark Knight(2008)-This was one of my most anticipated films ever. After Batman Begins, I think we were all ready to see what else Christopher Nolan could do with the Batman series and he exceeded all expectations that I add and surpassed Batman Begins with this one. This is one of if not my favorite comic book film to date. But this film wasn’t even great as far as comic book. You can take out the comic book element of this film and it would still be an amazing film. But it being Batman makes it that much better. Heath Ledger gives the performance of a lifetime as The Joker and it’s sad that we will never see another performance like this from him again. He was awarded the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in this film an award I thought was well deserved. Easily could have been my best film of the decade but that position goes to…..


1. Memento(2000)-A film from the very beginning of the decade and one of my favorite films of all time so of course it would make it in this list and it shot all the way to the top. Guy Pearce was phenomenal in this film and it’s a performance that he will never be able to outdo. This film also directed by Christopher Nolan is such an original piece of work. This is a film that you can’t get the full appreciation for with just one viewing. The more you watch it the more understanding you get as to how amazing and original this film truly is. Filmed backwards, with the end being the beginning of the film and beginning being the end of the film, is what made this film such a treat to watch. It’s a must see for all lovers of film but not just once you have to watch it a couple times to fully appreciate it. Every time I watch it I pick up on something else that I missed. Every time is like watching it for the first time.

Of course I have to throw in a couple Honorable Mentions. These are films that were also very good films from this decade but just didn’t make the list.

American Psycho(2000)-The best performance given by Christian Bale, who plays Patrick Bateman a young, handsome businessman with a secret side. Patrick Bateman is the perfect serial killer. Christian Bale was unbelievable and quite honestly, scary playing this character.

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy(2001-2003)-I didn’t want to include the whole trilogy in my top 10 so I just included it as an honorable mention. My favorite of the trilogy was Fellowship of the Ring. This is easily my favorite trilogy of all time…and all three films were great. I can watch them over and over again. Peter Jackson cemented himself as one of the better directors of the decade with this trilogy. The Oscars finally honored him with every award possible for Return of the King, awards that we all know were truly for the whole trilogy rather than just for that one film.

Battle Royale(2001)-The first Asian film I watched and one of my favorite foreign films that I have seen thus far. I’ve also read the book, the book being much better as it gives a lot more detail, but the movie is still amazing. This is a very violent and bloody film that is very controversial and was banned in Japan for quite some time due to the elements of the story. I mean a junior high class of students put on an island forced into a last man standing death match? Who doesn’t want to see that?

Grindhouse Presents: Planet Terror and Death Proof(2007)-Easily the most fun I’ve had in the theater with all the fake movie trailers and then the two films. The whole experience as a whole will be very hard to top. If you didn’t see this film in the theater you missed out on the full potential of what this movie was all about. Rodriquez and Tarantino are amazing giving props to the Grindhouse genre of horror films that they love so much.

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