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SAW VI Reviewed by twidle35

Peter Outerbridge stars in this Suspense/Thriller which is a sequel to the already large series. The deaths of victims are continuing, long after jigsaws death. Saw is about a man who wants people to truly appreciate their lives, and not take them for granted. Jigsaw takes people who have done a horrible sin, or have ruined peoples lives, and he makes them see why life is valuable, by putting them in what he likes to call a “game”. Victims who usually wake up in these “games” are required to do a most likely painful task, or make an important decsision that decides LIFE or DEATH.

First off, all i have to say about this movie is WOW! If you can’t take looking at blood, guts and other gruesome images, THIS MOVIE IS NOT FOR YOU! This movie has tons of sickening scenes in it, which left me with my jaw on the floor for alot of it. If you look past all the blood and guts, this movie has a quite large message behind it. With people having to choose life or death for other people, it makes you sit and think,  I dont know what i would do in that situation. For example taken from the movie, having to choose wheather an unhealthy lady with tons of loved ones at home for her dies, or a perfectly healthy male that is all alone. So this movie has you picturing yourself in the situations of this movie, and you really dont know what you would do. But anyways this is a review, so ill get on with it.

Until i recently saw the commercial for this, I had no clue that there was even a 5th, let alone 6th. The storyline behind this movie, and the idea behind this movie is great, but after 6 movies, it needs to end somewhere, but the concept of this movie is really good. The ending was such a huge twist!!! Thats all im going to say about the ending though, this isnt a spoiler.

The acting in this movie is done well by some, and others not so much…. . For instance the dirty cop, he was terrible! I couldnt stand him in this movie, he was way to obvious, and i just didnt like his acting. But Peter Outerbridge on the other hand, did a well done job. Tobin Bell did an excellent job, just like in the previous ones, He is a good actor, and he did a good job Saw 6. The background music in this movie really gave the suspensful feeling to it. The visual in this movie was kind of dark. Alot of scenes its just darkness, but i guess thats what makes it suspensful as well.

I give visual a 3/5

Audio 4/5

Overall this movie was great to watch. It was very shocking and some scenes left you in awe, and a bit too gory. With the ending they gave us, im not sure if they would actually make another one after this. It could go either way, but in my opionion, they shouldnt. If you liked the previous ones, I think youll really like this one so I recommend it to Saw fans. If your into gore and mystery, ill recommend this movie to you aswell. But if you cant stand the site of organs and blood and watching people get tourtured, DO NOT WATCH.

Overall 7.5/10

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  1. Good review but your comments on it being dark and the suspenseful music conained in it; those are in all the films so you dont really need to cite them but still good. I havent seen this one yet, but I’ve seen the previous five, they all have some kind of twist at the end. The last three weren’t as good as the first two. But it seems the bad guy always wins some how. They are making a seventh one set for the usual Halloween release time.

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