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Top 5 Dennis Hopper Rolls

These are Dennis Hopper’s top 5 roles.
By the way, did you know that in 1993, they made a movie called Super Mario Bros. with Bob Hoskins and John Liguizamo, which also included Dennis Hopper? Just a bit of a fun fact.

5. Henry Clark – Choke – With a supporting role in this non-catagorizable film really proves that Hopper can act, even though some of the movies he did in the past… say… thirty years have made Kevin Costner and Val Kilmer blush.

4. Father Duffy – House of Nine – Though the film itself was not too outstanding, Dennis Hopper really delivered as Father Duffy, a priest locked inside a house with eight other strangers for no apparent reason. I would recomend watching this film because in all honesty it wasn’t too bad.

3. Photojournalist – Apocalypse Now – This role was well done. That’s about all I can say.

2. Frank Booth – Blue Velvet – This David Lynch film is very well done, and Dennis Hopper delivers one of his best performances yet. But wait, what can be better than this? Only a masterful performance could top this one- of wait, I know one.

1. Billy – Easy Rider – Easily his best performance because of his realism and his ability to do any kind of human psyche, Billy in Easy Rider is an amazing character that everyone needs to study who is involved in film to get a feel for exactly what it is that needs to be done if you are doing a quite-natured powerhouse of a character.

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