Curious George

If you were a kid and loved to read books, then chances are you were introduced to a series of books entitled “Curious George”. These books followed the titular character, which is a monkey and goes on adventures with his companion The Man in the Yellow Hat to see how the world and its environment react to certain objects. Luckily, Hollywood finally got a chance to turn the book series into a movie for kids, and boy does it work. The movie is good, despite having huge flaws with the acting and the story, it’s still very entertaining. Curious George the movie basically follows the book’s messages: curiosity can lead you to great things, or get you into trouble.

The plot of the movie revolves around a monkey living in the jungles of Africa, just having a carefree life. Later, a man from America named Ted (a.k.a. The Man in the Yellow Hat) comes to the jungle to find an ancient shrine that will save a museum. He finds a smaller version of the idol, and, thinking that it’s the real deal, decides to give up on the quest. Ted discovers the monkey and likes him, but their encounter is brief, as Ted has to go back to America. The monkey gives chase and follows Ted to America, and when he arrives, the monkey makes everything friable, even though to him the environment is just a big playground. Ted discovers the monkey again, whom he names George after a statue of George Washington in a zoo, and finds that he has a strong liking for George. With a new found friendship, Ted and George set off to try and save the museum from being turned into a parking lot in the vicinity.

What “Curious George” succeeds in is the music, the story, and the overall production on the film. The music that is presented here is lively and the songs are okay as well. The story brings us a nice twist in that it updates the setting and times of the books. Originally, the books began in the 1940s and so the filmmakers updated the setting to 21st Century and it works very well. But the real treat of the movie is the overall production this film has. In an age where computer animated films dominate audience appreciation, this movie has cel-shaded animation that looks amazing. “Curious George” is a good film in its production but there are some drawbacks that do not feel all right in a movie.

There are two main problems that I found with this film: the acting and the story. Now, I praised the story for its update to modern times, but it’s the interaction between the characters is what ruins it. This problem mainly occurs with George: he’s an animal that understands perfect English. Now onto the acting, it’s totally miscast from top to bottom. The main leads, which includes Will Ferrell and Drew Barrymore, as well as the supporting cast, the actors and actresses don’t give enough personality and emotions towards their characters. This, right here, is my biggest gripe with the film.

Overall, “Curious George” is a good movie, but it contains major flaws mainly with its characters. If the production had better actors for the roles and story could have been expanded a little, this would have been a perfect movie. Yet it’s still a good film worth watching.

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