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Revised Post (13th Revision): James Cameron’s Avatar

After seeing Avatar 13 times, I still love the movie, but not in the way I used to. I am only probably going to be able to watch the movie, at most, only every two months because of how dull it became to me. I can nearly quote the whole thing (and trust me, I am certainly not proud of that). Take this example… you know when you are drinking an alcoholic beverage, and you think, “hey, this is good, man,” and you keep drinking it until eventually you need rehab, and then you go to rehab? You will still love the drink, but it is to be restricted. This is a very hostile example through comparison, but I still feel that it is necessary. I feel that the film’s script is a bit dull and VERY cheesy, and that the direction is more “programing” than directing, but I still feel that it is one of the most impacting films ever. I took it off my top ten because I don’t know where it stands anymore on my list. But hey, it is still great and I can still enjoy it. After all, I bought it the day it came out.

The things that drew me back to this film were the visuals and the enticing study that went into creating this world and culture. It was just really interesting. I also think that the writing wasn’t generally too horrible, and that the direction was, honestly, magnificent.

Bottom Line: A. Not an A++ for like the first time ever. I give it more of a 4.75 than a 4.5, but it is still not a 10/10. I just think that it was amazing… but not anything in comparison to films that are instant classics like The Departed, Requiem for a Dream, Moon (which became my favorite movie of 2009 after the whole Avatar thing past), Brick, or Forrest Gump.

Therefore, I reassert myself into society with the statement that I no longer believe that Avatar is a movie God wished he could make, and that I am now off the Avatar trip. Good day.

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