Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Action Mission Impossible :movies 1-3…I think the whole thing needs to be revamped-MUST READ

Mission Impossible :movies 1-3…I think the whole thing needs to be revamped-MUST READ




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So the first one featuring Tom Cruise was exciting because we were waiting on a revamp of something reminiscent of the old show. Then with the second mission Impossible  we saw that they had perfected the art and the sequel was better than the prequel; but by the time the third installement roled around we were’nt so excited or atleast I wasn’t.


The third installement was about a ruthless arms dealer who kidnapped Eathan Hunt’s (Tom Cruise) wife and is collaborating with the head of MI headquarters. I felt that I had seen this movie twice before and it was getting tired. In Mission Impossible 2 the female actress is also kidnapped and we start to feel that Ethan Hunt is more like are classic James Bond who has this magnatism and ensatiable draw to women. Not that Tom Cruise’s character evokes the casa nova that Sean Connery does, but there still seems to be a driving force backed by women.


The Original TV Series Mission : Imossible


The original show featured a perfect cast of Peter Graves as the leader of the MI force named Jim Phelps. There was the suductress Cinamon Carter played by Barbara Bain, the con artist Rollin Hand (Martin Landau), and the electronics guy(Greg Morris). There was also Peter Lupus as the muscle.


This show aired from September 1966 to March 1973. If you want to compare the way they act, it’s more like Ocean’s 12 than the current Mission Impossible movies, and the relationships in the show are more plotonic than the philandering way’s of the Tom Cruise MI movies.


I seem to feel that the MI show and the way that the show is acted is less about love affairs and more about the mission, in this way I believe that the show is more like the Bourne series; which it is really a far cry from the MI show, but that’s the only thing that comes to mind.


A Revamp


I can imagine an all new cast and a new director. I imagine Paul Greengrass (Bourne Supremacy) as director. I think that he would revert MI back to how it should be. Who would my cast consist of:









My favorite character is Rollin Hand and for his role I invision Adrien Brody or Zachary Quinto. When I think about it for a while Zachary Quinto embodies the feel we get from Rollin in the TV show a little bit more. Scarlett Johansson 

For are Femme fatale I pick Scarlett Johansson. I don’t even really need to explain why I pick her-look at the resemblance. She would be perfect.


For Mr.Phelps I’m thinking Bradd Pitt or George Clooney. They both have acted out what good leaders they are in past films and I think they possess that smooth operator feel that we get form Mr.Phelps.



For the muscle I have not Idea… Tell me what you think about my radiacl idea.












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  1. the reason I put a pic of Don Cheadle at the bottom is that I can see him acting the part of Barney-the computer whiz. Didn’t he already do some hacking in Ocean’s 12?…

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