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Author: peterparker

The Crossing Guard (1995)

The Crossing Guard is a movie about revenge and what it takes to carry out the act. Directed by Sean Penn and starring Jack Nicholson, Anjelica Huston, David Morse and Robbie Robertson. Freddy (Jack Nicholson) the father and...

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The Hills Run Red (2009)

“In 1982, controversial film director Wilson Wyler Concannon released his only film- The Hills Run Red.  Because of it’s graphic depiction of sodomy and murder, the film was quickly pulled from theaters, all know...

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The Woodsman (2004)

The woodsman. this is not you’r ordinary film, this is something special. The woodsman is like no other film I have seen in recent years and in my opinion the best movie I have seen this year. Directed by Nicole Kassell...

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Year One (2009)

Get ready to go back in time to a place where the jokes fall flat and the story goes no where. Year One is directed by Harold Ramis and starring Jack Black, Michael Cera, David Cross, Oliver Platt, and Hank Azaria. After Zed...

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