Vantage Point

Vantage Point was directed by Pete Dravis. Starring Dennis Quaid, Mathew Fox, and Forest Whitaker.

Buckle your seat belts, open your eyes and pay close attention.  Vantage point is a fast and action packed movie, with a single blink of an eye you might as well close your eyes and guess what happens next.

Vantage Point takes place in  Salamanca, Spain during a national meeting of world leaders.  Of the many leaders the focus is the president of the Unites States.  The meeting is for peace of national terrorism between the countries that are present. Thomas Barnes (Dennis Quaid) along with Kent Taylor (Mathew Fox) are memebers of the Secret Service. As news reporters cover the story from every angle, you find that theres much more to tell then what you see on the news.  As the president arrives Thomas(Quaid) and Kent(Fox) lead the president through the crowds and to the podium where he is set to make an appearance.  After the governor of Salamanca is through with his speach the president is shot, which triggers an unlikely amount of events.  Vantage point takes you through not one persepective, but seven to try and find out what exactly happend and who is responsible for the assassination of the president.

Since the movie has been shown on T.V it was definately a top pick on my list, but upon watching i realized that Pete Davis brought a knife to a gunfight.  Dennis Quaid did a wonderful job playing a very paranoid Secret Service agent, who gave a good effort to save this movie.  Another great performance, and probably the only reason to keep watching was Forest Whitaker who plays a random guy caught up in the mess all because of footage he caught.  Whitaker was outstanding, and gave the performance that makes you believe that he was truly there.  On the other hand Mathew Fox is a great actor and has alot of potential being from the Lost series, but in Vantage Point I give him a C- at best.  The movie had a great and very complex story, but maybe to complex. I was on my seat for the most part until the conclusion.  There was a very bad gap in the story and played out very terribly leaving me with wanting more and getting nothing.  Vantage point is a movie i recommend seeing if nothing else is available or maybe a rent one get one free type deal.  So save your money and pass up this title.

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