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Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte

Bette Davis could never have been classified as a classic movie beauty, yet there is something about her, something beautiful and ominous.  If looks could kill her’s would.  Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte is in the same vein as What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?  This movie is rated R for violence, language and supbtance usage.  It is two hours and eleven minutes long.  As well as Bette Davis it stars Bruce Dern, Agnes Moorehead, Joseph Cotton and Olivia de Havilland. 

Bette Davis plays Charlotte, a young sociallite who is in love and having an affair with a married man.  The married man, John, has told her that he would run away with her, but her father has interviened and told him to break it off with Charlotte.  In the end John ends up dead under mysterious circumstances, considered homicide, but no one is ever charged with his murder, although ever one suspects sweet Charlotte murdered him.  Years later and she is living in the same house, which the city is in the process of tearing up, of course they may just have to do it over her dead body.  Haunted by images of her lost lover Charlotte begins to see things and feels herself spiriling towards insanity.  Lost relative Miriam comes to Charlottes rescue, hoping to help her through this trying time, and maybe get her hand on some of the family money.  Deeper and deeper towards insanity Charlotte creeps, until finally it seems to break her, however there are strange things at work, and maybe Charlotte isn’t as crazy as she thinks.

Bette Davis plays a great suspect turned victim turned suspect again.  Her acting is wonderful and delightful, the viewer can almost feel her pain and believes that she might actually be crazy.  The scenery for the movie is quite, set in a large mansion, which helps set the scene of this suspensful thriller.  Although I am pretty sure that this same hosue is used in several other movies, least notible the movie Frogs, which is a cult classic, but is very dull in reality.

An issue I had with this movie was that the beginning was a little long.  You go almost an hour and a half without much action besides the murder of John.  Understandibly movies from the earlier days do not rely on computer graphics and over the top stunts, but the characters seem to lose a little bit after a half hour, and I forgot who was who and stopped paying attention for a short while.  So if you can’t sit and actually pay attention then this might not be a movie for you.  If you are into computer animation and stunts that make you ponder the ability of the human body to take care of itself, then again this movie is not for you. 

If, however, you want a down to earth thriller, with a suspensful ending, and actors that actually act, then this is the movie for you.  I reccommend that everyone see it though because unti you watch the old stuff you can never really appreciate some of the new stuff.

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