Starring a young Jodie Foster and Martin Sheen before his Apocolypse Now fame.  It can be found in unrated form, and has lots of perverted sexuality, some blood, and a tiny bit of nudity (which is not actuallu Jodie Foster for all those who wonder after watching it).  It has a run time of an hour and thirty-two minutes.

Jodie Foster stars as Rynn, a precarious little  girl of thirteen.  She is living in a house that is leased from a nosy woman named Hallet who barges in on Rynn when ever she chooses, pushing the girl to see her father and to maintain the house the way she has had is set up for what must have been years.  Mrs. Hallets son, Frank, takes an uncomfortable interest in Rynn, visiting without calling and he too barges in, just like his mother.  Frank is known in the town as a pervert and it is obvious that he has perverted ideas about what he and Rynn should be doing.  Rynn makes just on friend, Mario, a crippled magician.  He become somewhat of a savior to Rynn who is dealing with things no thirteen year old should be dealing with.  She has to keep her house safe, and the secrets within.

After seeing Jodie Foster in another dramatic role as a teenage prostitute a viewer can’t be surprised at how well she plays the role of a victim as well as a tragic hero at such a young age.  Martin Sheen plays a  wonderful bad guy and you know he will either meet bad ends or will see to it that the young Jodie Foster does.  Fear and suspense hold this movie tightly together and as a viewer I felt myself on the edge of my seat at least three times hoping that Foster and her secrets remain safe.  Of course the movie has a lot to do with lonliness and how to deal with being left alone, but the circumstances around Foster’s character are even more tragic because she either did not know what she was doing, or was left to her own devices by circumstances unseen.

My main problem was the ending of this movie.  This is one movie that I wanted to know what happened three years later in, and was hoping to get some revelation into.  Especially when you see what Foster’s character has to resort to at the end of the movie, to save herself and keep her secrets.  Does she become a well adjusted adult, or does she end up in some dark institution? 

If you are looking for a quiet dramatic suspense movie, I think this is the one for you.  Just understand that there really aren’t any surprises and be prepared to have strong feelings towards at least one of the characters.