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The Flock: A Flocking Stupid Movie

A flocking stupid movie!

The Flock was directed by Andrew Lau Wai-Keung  who gained loads of fame for his movie Infernal Affairs; which was the basis for the Oscar winning movie The Departed. The cast for The Flock features Richard Gere and Claire Danes in the leads.  Avril Lavigne is listed in the credits, but her role doesn’t really include a speaking part and last for maybe a minute.

The story: Erroll Babbage (Richard Gere) has spent his career tracking sex offenders and his unorthodox methods are nearly as brutal as the criminals he monitors. When he links one of his deranged parolees to the disappearance of a local girl he and his new partner (Claire Danes) must scour the S&M underground to find her before it’s too late.

The premise sounded interesting to me and fans of the movie Seven might see this straight to DVD feature at their local Blockbuster and think: recognizable actors, interesting premise, what could be so wrong? Let me rain on your parade before you think you’ve just found one of those diamonds in the rough not grand enough to hit the big screen. The Flock is a mess of a movie. As for it being like Seven: they pretty much steal the entire final scene of that movie, except take out the shock and replace it with a cop out happy ending.

The acting in the movie is not bad at all. The story and directing are 100% off though. The basis of the movie involves men who are registered as sex offenders. Apparently in the town Richard Gere’s character lives in almost every other person is a sex offender. Okay, they are in California, large population, I can buy that there are loads of sex criminals. However, in this movie every single one of the sex offenders is portrayed as an over-the-top pervert who breathes heavy at the mere mention of their sexual urges. Every single one of them is a luridly creepy pervert with wonky eyes or obviously still committing vicious crimes, all but one; which naturally points to that one as being the one to watch out for; duh. Oops, did I ruin a plot twist for you? Maybe, but that is because I am telling you NOT TO WATCH THIS AT ALL! It is rare that I cannot find a reason to at least understand why someone likes a bad movie, but this is one if those that is so messed up that if you actually like it: you are not the brightest bulb.

Let me continue with how stupid this flick is. Wai-Keung or the writers, or most likely a combination of the two, haven’t a clue about the subject matter they are handling. They portray people with fetishes as people who cannot control their urges whatsoever. A dude that is into hands is not going to attack every pair of women’s hands he sees and sniff them: he would not be loose if that were true. They also more or less say hand fetish and foot fetish people love to get off on the sight of severed limbs ala feet and hands. I would have to think that is a particular niche of necrophilia, but apparently amongst the pervs in this flick’s world: that is the norm. The sex offenders of the movie not only commit crimes like some sort of super group of comic book villains, but they gather and hold meetings about their addictions without a counselor present. The concept is showing that sex offenders will flock together and work together thanks to special sexual desires and the fact that they can look each other up on the internet. Smart idea to show this, but it is handled in a ridiculous manner.

Once the dragging boring movie does reach the tension of the final sequences as half stolen from Seven, I was so far out of the movie that everything was just bad and corny. Gere’s character is logically flawed and the happy ending does not fit him. He would have been in quite a bit of legal trouble for not only beating people up (I can buy he got away with it), but the public shooting at the sex offenders meeting where he threatened them and busted off caps by their ears: he wouldn’t get away with that.

This movie is flocking stupid. You can become a registered sex offender for getting caught peeing in public, not every sex offender is a wonky-eyed, drooling, complete creepozoid.

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