A whimsical story written and directed by Nick Tomney, I LOVED IT!!! It was quite by chance that I happened to come across THE PERFECT HOST and I am ever so glad I did. It’s been awhile to see a script in this degree to have been made into a movie. I have not gone into the aspect of the box office returns on this, since I am positive that the true reflection of this is unable to be measured since this merely is considered a low budget production. THE PERFECT HOST premiered at the Sundance Film Festival in 2010 in the hopes of making Nick Tomney debut full length movie directorial a hit. It is a highly unlikely occurrence for one to walk away disappointed with this movie. For an initial attempt at writing and directing his first movie this is a great sell point for Nick Tomney. I would for sure not hesitate in watching any more titles that would be released with his name in it. A PERFECT first impression. 

David Pierce is the man of the hour. David Pierce who portrays the character of Warwick Wilson is outstanding. Words fail me at this point to elaborate his quintessential performance. I would say that a plethora of adjectives can be used to justify this stupendous theatrical performance and still I would not be doing him justice. I myself have never taken David Pierce to be an actor with such a diverse talent. This may quite be the reason for me to appreciate his work in THE PEREFECT HOST since he took me quite by surprise. I always saw him as Dr.Niles from the father of sitcoms FRASIER (It’s appalling if you have not heard of FRASIER). Although he is scarce in the scenes of Hollywood, this could not have been played by any other any better. His physique, his posture, his walk, his tone and his body language is an astonishing marvel. I would not mean to say that it cannot be played by another, however I am almost certain it could not be done any better than Mr. Pierce. 

Detectives Morton (Nathaniel Parker) & Valdez (Joseph Will) are on the case of a bank robbery that has taken place on this very day. The suspect a Caucasian male by the name of John Taylor (Clayne Crawford) is on the run in an attempt to evade the cops. Johns photograph is all over the news and he has no option but to seek refuge in the next available place. To lay low until the heat subsides. Masquerade himself as a Jehovah’s Witness follower he approaches a household that share the same beliefs; however the lady of the house is sharp enough to see through his false appearance. John who is desperate takes another shot at the very next house in the same neighborhood. Going through the mail box of Warwick Wilson, John finds a postcard sent to him from Julia; a friend Warwick’s who is traveling in Australia. Making up the perfect alibi and pretending to be a friend of Julia’s; John approaches the house and rings the doorbell. Surprisingly Warwick Wilson turns out to be THE PERFECT HOST. 

A must watch movie, that will blow your mind. If you are a thriller Junkie and love the suspense and appreciate eccentric screenplays – this is an ideal movie that will blow your mind away. In my humble opinion this is a master piece in terms for a debut production! 

Title: The Perfect Host

Directed by: Nick Tomney

Starring: David Pierce, Clayne Crawford, Nathaniel Parker & Joseph Will

Rated: R for language, some violent content and brief sexual material

Rating: 07/10