Super 8  (112 min)

This movie reminds me of the “Little Rascals” and “E.T.” in the way that it focuses on kids as the main characters and on their personalities and antics. Spielberg is at his finest in this original and classic piece of film. He does a perfect job of blending the human side and dramatic side of the story with the action and mysterious part. You would think that focusing on one would be better since usually when movies try and do this they usually jump around a lot and lose focus on one side which it does but it works here. Plus both sides are done so well that they should be no complaining. These kids, who I believe were real people in life and could quite possibly based on a childhood dream that Spielberg once had (only a theory), are into filming movies. This is one reason why I believe that these kids could be Spielberg and his past time friends. Anyways so one night they are filming when a horrible train crash occurs, which is good looking even though it is just a bunch of explosions and train cars flying around. The aftermath is that weird things start happening. Once it finally gets passed the human side of the movie the film really starts moving on the action part. There are some parts where I am thinking wow I have seen that in so many movies and wow this is predictable and there are some warm hearted cheesy parts especially with the end, but it reminds me of a classic old time movie making all those parts just seem original. It is classic Spielberg. The ending credits are entertaining as well as it shows the ending result of the movie the kids ended up making. “Super 8” is rated PG-13 for intense sequences of sci-fi action and violence, language and some drug use.