I Am Love  (120 min)

The intensity is amped up in this foreign film. And all the way up might I add. It may not be action packed, but there is enough drama in this movie to pack its own punch with no action or violence needed. It all starts with great acting though, and that is shown through all of them including the very talented Tilda Swinton, who is showing off her multi lingual skills in this Italian film. It is a film based on the story of love of course and the dangers that it can cause. It is the real portrayal of an affair. Over two decades ago, Emma left Russia to follow the man of her dreams, Tancredi Recchi, the man who proposed to her. She is now a member of a powerful industrial Milanese family and a mother of three. One day we meet Antonio, a talented chef and her son’s friend and partner, who just so happens to makes her feel fulfilled through the senses. She immediately falls for the young chef and the two have a serious affair that occurs. This movie is beautifully and brilliantly shot in Italy and the film uses the gorgeous locations to its advantage more than any movie I have ever seen. The director, Luca Guadagnino, uses it to his advantage by making the scenes more intense and more real. He uses the surroundings as collaboration with what is going on (mainly in a very intense and graphic sex scene). It is genius the way the director does this. It is so real this way. “I Am Love” is rated R for sexuality and nudity.