The Way Home

The Way Home (Jibeuro)”  could be one of the pleasant movie to watch in ur life.  The film begins with Sang-woo  being dropped off in a rural village with his deaf-and-mute grandmother, so that his mother could go to job in Seoul. Sang-woo finds difficult to adapt  to his surroundings. His grandmother’s inability to speak and  the country life style without electricity or running water frustrates him. By frustration Sang-woo calls her  a ‘retard.’

Despite his disrespectful behavior, she becomes increasingly generous, cleaning and  cooking for him, and gathering water from well. He begins to accept the new lifestyle, helping his  grandmother to thread a needle, hang up clothes on the clothesline, and shop with her at the market .Over time, Sang-woo slowly comes to appreciate the sacrifices that have been made for him in her home.

The director  Lee skillfully potrays the emotions between her two main characters.         Sang-woo being unmindful of his selfish actions and his grandmother’s tireless acts to take care of him.  The performance of her leads are arousing and believable.

Aside form the literal interpretation, “The Way Home” could also be considered an examination of the gap between older generation and youth, who have grown up in world of cell phones, internet access and video games. Like Sang-woo character , it is sometimes easy for us to forget the sacrifices made by older generations.

It is not difficult to see why the film has a deep impact , after all, we have all been impatient and self-absorbed as Sang-woo. But don’t forget  it is the wiseness of our parents and grandparents have made us for the better.

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