When Jesus Gris, an old antique collector, stumbles upon a 400-year-old golden scarab hidden in the base of a 16th century archangel statue, he further discovers it to be a mechanical device that clings on to his hand and stings him, transferring an unknown substance to his blood stream. He begins to feel physical changes in his body, that make him look younger and feeling a lot stronger. He soon learns that there is a side effect to his transformation, and he somehow thirsts for a taste of human blood.

“Cronos” is the big screen film debut of Mexican visual director Guillermo Del Toro. The film stars Ron Perlman and Federico Luppi, two actors who are frequent avatars in the director’s films.

Guillermo’s fascination for insects, creatures, mechanism, clockwork, and horror, as well as his talent for make up and effects are shown in this feature piece. The film is the directors unconventional take on a vampire tale. Every aspect of this film is classic Guillermo Del Toro, and is something we see in every film he helms, from the direction, sets, music score, to the costumes, make-up, and effects, which all together make for a dark fantasy feel. The story telling is great, and the plot unfolds with the use of both the Spanish and English language.

I really enjoyed this. Reminds me of other unconventional vampire takes like “Let the Right One In (2008)” and “Thirst (2009)”, where its not cliche, and is more modern.