Eagle Eye

Talk about stalking to a whole nother level! This thriler stars Shai LaBeouf and Michelle Mogahan in a quest for their lives of their loved ones and family.

 Just your average teen living on his own Jerry Shaw (Shia) lead a  normal life when a tragedy over take shim when his twin brother (Ethan) is killed in a “terrorist” attack. Thats when things take an awful turn and Jerry finds himself in a world where his brother was the missing key to the puzzle. Jerry then teams up with Rachel(Mogahan) sends her son to a camp, but why they need her alive, well you’ll just have to see. Everyone and everything is against poor Shia and Michelle. Not a dull moment in this adventure crazed movie.

I loved every minute of this movie. I have to agree Shia has come a long way from Disney. This movie is actaully one of the best movies of 2008 I have seen so far, it was better than Lakeview Terrace hands down. This was one of Shia’s best performance and he has matured in his acting career. And might I say he was hot. The whole movie is baed around cyber terrorism, why I don’t want to give the ending away, so see for yourself.

Overall this movie is a five star and one of the best films I have seen so far for 2008.

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