There are many a billionaires we stumble upon in life. It’s not often that humility is a mannerism shared or valued by a majority. In fact humility is a value that has seen its better days as society drifts out into the darkest corners of its time where I fear there will be no chance for redemption for us all. A most welcome movie to all Russell Brand Fans all over the world, an alluring revelation of  an innocent, honest, warm hearted billionaire. One of those characters that are seldom seen in today’s society. A man who values living life more than he values his wealth, some may distinguish this as him being immature, however it also could mean that he is one of those less corrupted adults in society in his times, it has been said that a child may enter the kingdom of god at ease in comparison to an adult, purely due to social corruption with maturity. Also did I mention he is a bit of a playboy!! Arthur however is manipulated by his mother Vivienne using his inheritance as bait. Vivienne who has never known her son since birth we presume, wishes for her only son to marry into Susan with the hopes of maintaining a positive commercial face for the great empire that Arthur values less. The British actor Russell Brand is always a hearty laugh and a great entertainer to watch. Since he came into the spotlight with “Forgetting Sarah Marshall”, a wide plethora of talent seems to be oozing from within him. Russell Brand builds his character with great awe, since Vivienne’s unjust request of a marriage with no love but great financial stature. Unable to stand his ground due to his innocence, he turns to his nanny; Hobson. Helen Mirren who plays Hobson has been with Arthur looking after him all his life and trying her best to keep him on the right path. What will become of Arthur and his innocent love for unlicensed tour operator Naomi Quinn (Greta Gerwig)? His inability to inflict deliberate pain on another will drive him to a solitary life or is there retribution? In Rom-Com Genres, there is always a Cruella De Vil. There has not been a Cruella on screen that I have been on a mission to hate more than Susan (Jennifer Garner). A woman who has greed for money and would even risk her body into a marriage without love just so she may get a taste of the Bach empire and its rich life and social positioning. Standing there in the other corner is Naomi Quinn (Greta Gerwig) a hard working middle class girl who is an aspiring writer who has never been given the chance nor has the confidence in herself to follow her dreams. Quite an unexpected run into Arthur changes her life, she is shown purpose to her life and is inspired to follow her dreams.

Seems like a stereo type Rom – Com to you? If this is what you are thinking as of now and you are not a fan of the works of Russell Brand, please give this movie its chance. Personally this has been one of Russell Brands better performances with a magnificent, heartwarming screen play. Whilst this is and will not a be a “Forrest Gump” today, it has plenty of laughter and rich storyline that will just give you that needed gentle tug at your heart and maybe even a tear. For all those Russell Brand fans, happy viewing, this is funny!

Title: Arthur

Directed by: Jason Winer

Starring: Russell Brand, Jennifer Garner, Greta Gerwig, & Helen Mirren

Rated: PG-13 for alcohol use throughout, sexual content, language and some drug references

Rating: 06/10

110 Mins