A wedding ring, ex-wife with kids and trip to Hawaii are hoax to cover up a horrible love life of Danny? Well, Just go with the flow of complicated story in Just Go with It is a 2011 romantic comedy movie. The film is based on the 1969 film Cactus Flower. 

Danny Maccabee (Adam Sandler) is a single guy with a serious commitment issues about his ex –girlfriend who cheated him. He is a successful plastic surgeon in Los Angeles. Danny meets and connects Palmer (Brooklyn Decker), a young and sixth grade math teacher, without his wedding ring on.  

The next morning, Pamela (Brooklyn Decker) discovers the wedding ring inside his pocket and furious which sends Danny to bribe his faithful assistant Katherine (Jennifer Aniston) to pose for his ex- wife and pretend to be in the process of divorce. To make things real Pamela desires to meet his ex-wife and kids. The compilation of lies becomes things complicated when the kids of Katherine involved in the scene. 

They travel to Hawaii and get to know each other, but things get worse when Katherine meets his dopey cousin and her oldest enemy (Devlin) Nicole Kidman in Hawaii. Everyone go with the flow of all deception until Danny and Katherine realize how they valued each other. Katherine confides to Devlin about the deception, but she too has her own secret. The two reconcile and Danny come over and declares his love to Katherine.  


How far you can be honest with yourself? I think you like to go with the flow. This is the movie that you can get laugh, twist, and mesmerize the beauty of Hawaii beaches. With a hula-hula dance competition of Jennifer and Nichole, it’s nice to watch them. 

The movie is PG 13 because there’s a scene that shows off sexy bodies and intimacies. The director shows only simplicity of the story with a fun. It’s not too funny, but it’s still a relaxing movie.  

Just go with it and watch!