I am unable to come up with a more precise theme to be discussed during a crucial time of teen social revolutions around the world today. Vanity; plays a massive factor in modern teen society and is what makes high school a nightmare to some whilst it is a daily party for the others. We have all been through this, we have all seen this, we have may at times even experienced the bitter ends of this. Based on the theme of the 1991 Walt Disney Classical hit cartoon “Beauty and the Beast” Director Daniel Barnz attempts to put together an expressive production. Kyle (Alex Pettyfer – I Am number Four) who runs for school president is not short of his wealth and looks. A heart breaker in his school and quite predictably the high school all round famous guy, live by the principle ‘People like people who look good’. This is how Kyle has been brought up by his famous TV Anchor dad. Sloan a goth girl who supposedly knows the dark arts and believes in magic, sets a curse on the handsome Teen Kyle disfiguring him which results in him having to hide away. One year is all Kyle has to find true love and break the curse or he will have to live with his looks for a lifetime. For a teen whose looks mattered the most to him, his entire life was spun out of control. Alex Pettyfer has his moments in the movie however the larger part of the movie it is felt that Alex Pettyfer was trying too hard. He was quite natural in his development and portrays it with style, however the lighter moments are pushed a bit too hard by the young Hollywood star and it is felt at times. Maybe Daniel Barnz could do something differently at certain point. The sit-com world Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris) with his very limited screen time was a brilliant teacher to Kyle and he has the flare of Barney burning within him even as a blind tutor. Kyle during his times of soul searching realizes the values of beauty and how to see the inner beauty in a person and once again predictably sets his eyes on a high school beauty Lindy (Venessa Hudgens). Hudgens natural beauty and her perfect smile make her the ideal innocent beauty the movie needed. An unscathed soul to save the beast from his misery and set him free and to love him for all his ugliness and to prove, Love is never ugly. But what happens if the beauty loves someone else? Will Kyle remain a beast all his life? Is vanity his own escape?

“Beastly”; to my readers, this is a genre specific production. After all its based on the themes of a Walt Disney animation. Mostly focusing the young teen girls, this movie is surely to take them all off their feet and make them dream of the perfect love story. For all you rough house guys who feel Hillary Duff movies are only for girls, this movie is one of those that you would for sure wish to give the skip. There is a possibility that the more mature family may enjoy this as a family movie that shows the value inner beauty and the guilt of vanity. This is not an average movie that would go by me with a ½ rating, this is a good movie that deserves one star more.

Title: Beastly

Directed by: Daniel Barnz

Starring: Alex Pettyfer, Venessa Hudgens, Neil Patrick Harris, Dakota Johnson & Mary Kate Olsen

Rated: PG-13 for language including crude comments, brief violence and some thematic material

Rating: 06/10

86 Minutes