Cyrus  (91 min)

This is a bad case of the momma’s boy at its worst. We have our main character with John C. Reilly, who plays a single guy (John) down on his luck with his ex-wife getting remarried and has got not much else going for him. This is until he meets a sweetheart in Molly. They meet at a party of John’s ex-wife and her fiancée and immediately hit it off. The relationship takes off but there is an obstacle in the way and his name is Cyrus. He still lives with his mom and loves her so much that he will take out anyone who tries to even get close with her on a relationship level. He is smart and witty and in his 30’s. In the film we see that he will stop at nothing to keep John and his mom apart. He wants to keep her all to himself and will make sure he does that at all costs. Much comedy is expressed through these scenes of Cyrus interfering and causing major conflict with John and his new relationship. It is entertaining and funny to watch the two go at it even though it is quite juvenile. They are both of similar age so they really do clash back and forth. This movie is a comedy which it pretty much accomplishes, but it is also a drama, and it does get pretty dramatic at times with the conflict that Cyrus causes. We do get annoyed with Cyrus, but in the end we almost start to feel bad for him in a way. Both Jonah Hill, who plays Cyrus, and John C. Reilly are good enough for these parts. Jonah Hill shines on another level of his acting career. We have seen him in “Superbad”, playing a vulgar foul mouthed, immature high school nerd in search of losing his virginity. We have also seen him as a nerd in “Grandma’s Boy”. In “Cyrus” he plays a psycho mama’s boy and he plays it with great sincerity and cleverness. I believe that he is working his way up to become a more serious actor and I say good for him. This film is a good start. “Cyrus” is rated rated R for language and some sexual material.