The Runaways  (106 min)

This movie is as “rock and roll” as the two chicks playing in it. These two chicks are Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart, and they play their roles as two troubled and rebellious teenage girls, who just want to have fun and start an all-girls rock band. They both perfectly pull off the hard-nosed rock and roll look, and they pull of the acting chops to go with it. They get well hooked up by their manager Kim Fowley, played aggressively by Michael Shannon, and they end up getting a record deal and get shipped off to Japan to play in front of huge crowds. Conflicts begin, as it does with any band. They become consumed in drugs and alcohol and even jealousy as Cher, who is played by Dakota, she becomes the focal point of the band. This ultimately becomes their downfall and the band slowly but surely falls apart. It is very dramatic and at times can be a very depressing, emotional spiral. This is a well-acted rocking drama that definitely pulls the rock and roll mood off with a very cleverly thought out atmosphere. It is rough, tough and edgy. In plain terms, it is bad to the bone. “The Runaways” is rated R for language, drug use and sexual content.