“I guess there’s just TWO kinds of people, Ms. Sandstone: my kind of people and assholes. It’s rather obvious which catagory you fit into. Have a nice day”

The said quote is probably from the most tame scene in the cult classic. Every and any other scene is usually a shocking act which destroys basic human value. Every nasty comment you’ve heard about this movie dosen’t hold a candle to seeing it. I mean the acting… terrible acting..
But in all seriousness the plot pretty much sums down to a couple trying to complete with a notorious woman (drag queen) running from the law known as Babs Jhonson: “The Filthiest Woman Alive”. Her filithyness ranges from teasing hitchhikers, nearly running them over, to eating dog waste. The couple go around country roads to pick up random people and have their way with them in strange ways.
That’s pretty much what it is. People doing dusgusting things so bad that the shock value stays upon it even for today’s movie fan (unless you’ve seen things like this online. If you have.. wtf..). If you think it’s bad now, think about how it would’ve been in the 70s. Although it’s tastelessness it somehow finds a way to pull off a twisted bit of humor.

Like the movie Freaks, there is no other movie like this. You have to see it yourself to truely understand. The original Jackass (MTV)

But still…. TERRIBLE ACTING!!! (just the way it’s meant to be)

Now excuse me while I rub my eyes in the holy hand soap… with glee :D