“When you wake up one morning and it’s a particularly beautiful day… you’ll know we made it”…..

Sunshine is honestly a very interesting, underated movie, though if you don’t pay attention hard enough or do not understand much of differant sorts of science you may want to rewatch it after a while. If you’ve ever taken a class in astronomy it’s very similar to something like that.
The story goes as sometime within the future the sun is dying out. A ship is sent out with a special device to reignite the sun in hopes that mankind will live on. It fails due to never being heard from again until they make a second ship seven years later to try and do the same thing.
It’s more of a science movie (like a said before) then a horror movie (some reason it turns horror nearing the end) but still a decent work as complicated as the plot sounds. It’s a bit slow but manages to tell the story of what went on with the eight people in the ship.
The horrors would involve being isolated in space and in the same ship for seven years, the sun, and being around the same people all the time- causing constant moments of paranoia, and some… random… burn victom? hmm… yeah. There are times when you must refrain yourself from blinking due to slightly subliminal pictures which actually follow the plot.
The acting… pretty decent but a little boring. Nontheless the actors did their best at being scientists.
Special effects….. GREAT! Did the job.
Check this one out. It’s definately a decent thought provoking film… until the random horror scene. If you like the movies Alien or 2001: A Space Odyssey then this one will be VERY similar.