City of Ember

This movie stars Bill Murray as a stealing mayor in a crumbling city.

Based on the books by Jean Deprau, this hit series has been turned into a cute friendly movie. The story starts when children are assigned jobs on Assignment Day. Lina is looking forward to being messenger and Doon is looking forward to being in the Pipeworks where the source of Ember’s power remain. When the two do not get what they wnt, they switch roles and it leads them to perilous adventure through the pipes and underground city. Will they find a way out of Ember or will they stay underground forever. Watch to find out.

Don’t believe the hype that other reviews are saying. “It’s boring for you and your kid.” “If you are interested in power and way things work you might enjoy it.” This movie was very exciting.  Reading the book I was wonderinghow the motion picture would look like and it was as adventurous as the book. Twists and turns in every side. The movie itsefl was a  little fast paced, but once the movie went on I found it to be quite exciting especially during the water work scene.

Overall, the movie itself was well worth watching. It’s a science fiction movie for those who don’t like science fiction. Lights out for now!

2 thoughts on “City of Ember”

  1. I haven’t read the book so for me it is a brand new experience but for my fellow friends they got it boring. But I think whether I have read it early I may enjoy it. Certain things to remember grate camera work also helps me to have good picture quality even I watch it at home

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