“I’ve just come to tell you how fabulous I am!” 

Please Note: This movie will have to be watched multiple times. The first time watching this will have you “bitchin’ in the kitchen or crying in the bedroom all night” but after some “Shock Treatment” it gets to you.

In this sequal to Rocky Horror Picture Show Brad and Janet are married after a year or so now and their home of Denton is taken over by a large TV studio where everybody is brainwashed to watch or be in the audience till it’s time to head to bed. They begin to have some marital problem in hopes one game show could help them. Brad ends up in the looney-bin and Janet slowly starts to become a star.
Cute and campy this movie is with it’s strangeness of story. Like it’s predcessor it was ahead of it’s time, making parodies on TV networks. Sadly though because it’s the sequal to Rocky Horror it’s not as good and dosen’t have as much craziness as most fans would expect, though Richard O’Bryan got the actor for Brad he originally wanted and a better singing Janet. The songs aren’t as great as the predecosor’s (sp) though few do have the potential for being  RHPS material. Most of the other songs….. well.. bless their little hearts for trying ^^’. What’s really neat is some of the original cast members from the first are on here as differant people. The criminologist is a newscaster, Riff-Raff and Magenta are psychologists. It’s simple, cute fun and has some alright laughs.  
Is it worth watching? Possibly, if your in the right mood.