My movie going summer took a detour last week. A friend of mine took me to see the action horror   film priest based on the graphic novel by Hyung min -woo .It stars Paul Benntnay, Karl urban and Maggie Q.   It runs 87 minutes and is directed by Scott Charles Stewart. The movie   is about   legendary   warrior called priest who an original member of a group of people who were trained in martial arts and weapons training to help protect this Barron post apocalyptic   world that is left after a war with the vampires. Priest finds out that’s brother and wife are murder by the vampires and his niece is captured. He asks the church to reinstate his authority to go after the vampires and is denied. He sets out to find the vampires with the help of the local wasteland sheriff hicks (Cam Gigandet) and Priestess played by (Maggie Q).   In his search for his nieces he runs into the black hat (Karl urban). He is a former member of his group of priests he thought was dead. Black hat the one who captured priest nieces trying to get out taking revenge for hi m being left for dead. Black hat tries to bring him over to his new world of being half man half vampire. Priest will have nothing to do with that. They have it out on a speeding train that is heading for the city to destroy it. That was my favorite part of the movie. I did like the story a man out for revenge for the death of his family is a good plot if the script is right. The whole post apocalyptic setting was one of the few things I found interesting about the film. A city built like a giant prison not this guys idea of good living conditions call me crazy. This is just one of those films if you’re a fan of the story should like.  I like it but was not over whelmed by it. It started off very slow throughout the movie but the last 30 minutes defiantly picked up the story line. I was thinking I was not going to see any sequels but it finished off well so I will give the sequels a chance.    I give it 2 ½ stars.