Before I start my review on this movie I just want to give fair warning to those who want to go see this movie and that warning is you have to be willing to suspend your disbelief in order to get enjoyment from this film. This movie is the very definition of a fence sitter film in which you will either love it or hate it with few people being in the middle. I will give people warning that there are scenes in this movie that remind you of a weird fetish porn scene. I know people out there will scream and say that’s stupid but I am asking please look past it. I hate the word stupid when it comes to film as far as I am concerned there is no such thing as a stupid movie. Now that I have gotten that out of the way lets begin with the review. Splice is directed by Vincenzo Natali who I am sure no one has heard of but he directed one of the most intriguing horror movies of all time which was Cube.

The plot of Splice is you have two scientists named Clive and Elsa who are played by Adrien Brody and Sarah Polley. They work for a corporation that funds there research to splice animal DNA in order to develop proteins that would help treat diseases like parka sans disease. After they are successful with there most recent experiment, they are ordered to stop splicing the DNA because the proteins need to be properly examined. This becomes a problem for Clive and Elsa because they want to splice the DNA of humans with animals in order to advance there research. They plea there case but are denied.

Being the scientists that they are they go ahead with the experiment anyway, which is illegal in the world they live in. The experiment is successful in which they create a hybrid creature that is part animal and human in which Elsa names it as Dren. Elsa names it this in a scene in the movie and without giving too much away lets just say the name pays tribute to the type of people that Clive and Elsa are. Now these two quickly begin to realize that what they did was not such a good idea and they begin to have problems with their creation.

The reason why this movie works and is as good as it is is because it is not a certain genre of a movie. The film is a blend of science fiction, horror, a monster movie, and a character study. Normally when movies try this they do not succeed because they get bogged down in one but Splice manages to balance all these genres in an effective and meaningful way. However, the biggest reason as to why this film works for me is because of the psychological aspect of the scientists. Dren is constantly competing for the affection of both Elsa and Clive and both scientists who are married find themselves being caught between there scientific obligations and there moral beliefs. This is an aspect of the film that I enjoy quite a bit because you do sympathize with these characters because you know there intentions are good but they just are blinded by what they have done.

Although I am praising this film I am not a big fan of the ending, it makes a big left turn in the final ten minutes and even though what happens fits the structure of the film it overplays its hand. The performances in this film are simply incredible and the film does rely on Brody and Polley to carry it and they both do. It is because of them they I enjoyed the film as much as I did because as weird as this movie gets they do such a good job of convincing me that its real that I forget that the premise is as far fetched as it is.

Unlike most science fiction films this movie does not try to pound the specific year into your head it lets you figure it out for yourself. I appreciate this because too many science fiction films try too hard to push the future or the past on you and this film does not. Despite a weird ending I really liked this film.