I recently saw the Wes craven film my soul to take. He wrote and directed this horror movie starring Max Thieriot, john magaro. It’s directed by Wes Craven and runs 107 minutes.   The movie is set an in small town where this guy Abel with a split personality loses control and murders his wife and his son had to be cut out of his wife’s stomach.  He apparently dies in ambulance crash on the way to the hospital. He comes back to life as thee dies at the hands of th e  ripper once a year to take revenge on life of 7 kids who were born on the day he supposedly died. Bug (Max Thieriot) does a very commendable job as disturbed teenage whose life is tied into the legend of the ripper. The scenery at night in the woods was very well shot it added some jump out of your seat moments, being made in 3d added  some tense .The way they used the nightfall in certain scenes to bring out the best where the ripper showed up to take revenge on the ripperton 7 throughout the movie was classic Wes craven. The kids of the ripperton 7 kept making references about expect the unexpected there are moment in the movie like that. I won’t say anymore.              I thought the acting was very good for the story line that was put in place by Wes. I didn’t recognize all of the people in the movie expect Max Thieriot. I saw him in jumper and the pacifier with Vin Diesel.  He played the kid with the murky past very well. The rest of the cast did a commendable job. I especially like the girl who played his sister Fang played very well by (Emily Meade). She has a good presence about her on the screen. I have feeling you might see more of her.  The scenery especially the woods where the ripper Wes craven used scenery, the woods, and the prop knife with the word vengeance on it to set up some scary moments, the addition of 3d made that much better. Who wouldn’t like a 3d slasher movie? I really like scenes where the kids from the Riverton 7 who were murder kept showing up in mirrors bug was looking at, in the bathroom at home and school. I guess you can call those moments   looking in the mirror those unexpected moments.  I thought Wes craven did a very good job in anthor craven classic .He blended all the   aspects of a good horror  movie story line, scenery, good old fashion slasher, and some good acting by the lead chacter Max Thieriot who played the supposed disturbed teen very well. If you rate his we craven movies on a scale of 1 knives for bad (don’t waste your time) to 5 knives for (slasher movie must). I would give it 4 knives.