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Gravity Movie Review

Gravity Movie Review

Watched movie Gravity 3D during weekend.

The movie (90 minutes) starring Sandra Bullock and George Clooney in cameo role is more a thriller drama happening in Space, then a Sci-fi.

 The movie narrates the experience of Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock) a  scientist turned Astronaut on her first mission to a space station,  caught in space debris triggered by a destroyed Russian satellite. The tale unfolds Doctor Ryan survival in hard circumstances and rise  above all physical and mental challenges. With only veteran  astronaut Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) helping her in overcoming  inner demons and raise above her failure, insecurity and  unhappiness.

The casting is minimal, but the script is gripping and keeps you at the  edge of the seat. The cinematography of Emmanuel Lubezki is the  backbone of the movie. The 3D visuals are breath taking, stunning and phenomenal, gives you an experience of life in space, like watching the Earth and Sun from space is truly awe. The camera movements and visual concept blending with CGI, drives storytelling to a new altitude. Without CGI this movie is almost impossible to create.

The Story has been written by Cuarón’s (Father-Son) duo, Alfonso & Jonás. Cuarón’s accomplish a unique technique of emotions mixing with graphical staging. The story is the same old wine of an underdog achieving against odds, however the presentation has been excellent and convincing. The best part of the script is that it has no aliens, predators, extraterrestrials and importantly melodrama. There are only enough sub plots to progress the movie, nothing superfluous is added.  The music of Steven Price adds flavor and absorbs us into the movie.

Like George Clooney character Matt Kowalski says – The best part of being in Space is the “View”, the movie gives us a never seen visual experience of viewing earth from space. The movie explores the deeper human emotions, burying fears, surviving against the odd. The director makes a mark in the final scene where Ryan emerging out of the module, swimming back to the land, symbolizing her being re born.

Worth a watch, enjoy the Space ride with the movie and don’t forget to watch it in 3D.

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