Mr. Woodcock

“Mr. Woodcock” stars Sean Williams Scott, Susan Sarandon, and Billy Bob Thorton. With the exception of a couple of mildly funny moments, it ends up being short on the laughs. One of the reasons for this is because all of the actors are in their usual form.

John Farley (Sean Williams Scott) was an overweight kid with low self esteem that was pushed around by his gym teacher (Billy Bob Thorton). Thirteen years later he is a successful author of a book title  “Leting Go”. John gets the chance to see his mother in his home town be the annual Corn Cob Queen, but when he arrives he wasn’t expecting to see that his mother is dating his high school gym teacher Mr. Woodcock. Things get worse when is mother (Susan Sarandon) decides to marry the rough and rude Mr. Woodcock. John’s mission is to break up the marriage by proving to his mom that Mr. Woodcock is not who she thinks he is.

I can’t help but enjoy this film mainly because of Billy Bob Thorton’s character. You may know his character from many of his other films. If you don’t like Billy Bob Thorton, then you really should pass this one up. I am a fan of most of his movies where he plays such a crude and hateful man. In other words, this is Billy Bob Thorton material. Sean Williams Scott role suits him also, which is what makes the movie enjoyable. The film lacked a strong comedic feel to it that could have made it that one great comedy.

Most of the funny parts were spoiled in the trailer that was played continuously during it’s time in theaters. This is what makes the film less funny than it really is. The whole result of the film is very predictable to begin with. For some reason, the true performances still make the movie worth watching. The end is sudden, but the result is satisfying. Billy Bob Thorton uses his bad mouth to make us smile, but never really laugh. It could have been a lot better, but also could have been a lot worse.

The bottom line is, if you like Billy Bob Thorton and the unpleasant characters that he portrays, then “Mr. Woodcock” deserves the rental. If you think that it is funny when Billy Bob is in his evil form, then it is worth watching. Me, I enjoy intentionally unpleasant characters who are in their most beastly appearance. Is the film worth watching? That was a rhetorical question, I already know the answer.

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