I felt like I was trapped, trapped in another time zone and the only thing sto pull me out was Christina Aguilera’s ashtonishing voice to lift the crowd

It was then I came to the realization that I was actually sitting in a movie theatre, there were people around me and I wasn’t the only person experiencing the effects of this movie.

Steve Antin (director) brings together the life and fascination that is Burlesque, with a killer cast and a unique soundtrack Burlesque is sure to impress with all the glitz and glamour that is holds.

I didn’t have only love for this movie, let me break it down for you, the plot I must say could have been worked on, I experienced a never ending display of a typical Hollywood film, the storyline could have impressed me more.

Christina A is Ali a small town girl taking her chance and moving to the big hills, Los Angeles, “were stars are born” after she walks the street (mind you for one whole day – she really struggled) she comes across the ever impressing Burlesque club, she walks in to an opening number of who else but Cher herself, at that point nothing else really matters, weither or not this film felt like it was a cross between Coyote Ugly and Chicago – Cher our queen delivered.

What the movie lacked in a storyline definately made up for in the unique soundtrack and the ever astonishing vocals that was brought to the table, will it be the next Chicago? I dont think so, but with lookers like Eric Dane & Cam Gigandet this movie was never going to dissapoint the girls, Christina’s acting abilites were noticed in this movie and sometimes it felt like they lacked compared to the other talent that was featured, but she most defiantly triumphed over the cast with her voice which is next to none.

What you will experience with Burlesque is a good night out, grab some popcorn and you wont come away dissapointed, it is a traditional storyline of a girl finding her way in a big city, but there is something to be said about this movie. I enjoyed it and came away happy with the experience, did it want me to run down to my nearest costume shop, hire the next burlesque outfit I found? Of course!!

Sing it loud and sing it proud, overall an enjoyable film perfect for a Saturday night out with friends.