Movie in Review: Brokeback Mountain (2005 )

coverOne word … controversy , but oh my … what a true love story , in a different kind of way… with a very touchy subject to discuss , no pun intended.

When I first saw this movie I felt a little uncomfortable at the movie theater , especially during those touchy kissy parts . I did not enjoy it as much as I did when I just recently saw this movie again.

I tried to explain to my significant other that its a movie worth watching and of course he still refuses to watch this movie for some odd reason .

Well, too darn bad.

Heath Ledger who portrays “Ennis Del Mar” ends up meeting Jake Gyllenhaal,
“Jack Twist” during the summer when they both end up working together at Brokeback Mountain.

They spend a lot of time together there , or so it seems …. and one night it is a very cold night and they end up cozy  in their tent. Another night of cold and that’s it… what looks like a fight scene starts to happen. They end up ” hooking up “ or at least I think that’s what they did , since they don’t really show anything that goes on , so it’s left to the imagination. At this point of the movie , Ennis Del mar is obviously straight…. or is he ? We know that Jack is very much gay and is attracted to Ennis.

What I like about both characters is that they appear and act very masculine, but still show so much tender and love for each other its very nice watching.

Well, they both go their separate ways back to their homes. Somehow they both end up getting girlfriends. Getting married, having kids.

But of-course they keep going back to ” fish” at Brokeback mountain , leaving their wives behind to wonder. Ennis’s wife , “Alma” Michelle Williams starts to question when she notices something is not right, this which only a woman would be able to notice such things . She begins to suspect something is not right. On the other hand , either this woman knows or she doesn’t – I was trying to decide troughout the movieAnne Hatheway plays ” Laureen Newsome , Jacks wife. She’s more involved in working and appears distant , and like Jack says in the movie … ” we could probably do our marriage on the phone”.

The Best and my advice ….

There is this part of the movie where they kiss so romantically, it beats all other movies I have ever seen in the past. It’s different that watching a man and a woman fall in love and kiss. Their love , to me , is deeper than that and it is almost portrayed as an innocent and beautiful picture. All in All … I recommend this movie to anyone who likes Romantic films.

– Lucy_Love – Movie Critic