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Rise of the Planet of the Apes (2011)

     This origin story is a remake of “Conquest of the planet of the apes” and also a reboot of a reboot “Planet of the Apes” (1968, 2001). This movie takes place in present day San Francisco, California. The actors are James Franco (Will Rodman), Freida Pinto (Caroline Aranha), John Lithgow (Charles Rodman), Tom Felton (Dogde Landon), and David Oyelowo (Steven Jacobs). I’d consider them supporting actors because this movie all revolves on one character and one character only Andy Serkis an Amazing actor and a modern time puppeteer.

The plot of the story: A Scientist (Will) creates a medice capable to cure Alzimers disease and puts it through a company. Steven Jacobs the investor in the cure decides to test on apes first for cautios reasons and to make sure if it really does work. After a “failure” the company decides to shut down the project and shuts down the company. Will dissaponted is shown a baby ape that cannot be put down so he decides to kidnap it and raise it. The rest is all hush hush or do you want me to spoil the movie for you.

Andy Serkis has done a great job interpreting an ape even though he really didnt need to be computerized (: I Kid. He is known for Lord of the rings: The fellowship of the Ring, The prestige, King Kong,  The lord of the Rings: The two Towers, and many more. He was Also nominated for the Golden Globe award. I mean this guy could make you buy anything he says or act. Now he is working on a new movie The Hobbit: There and Back again.

The CGI technology was used to the fullest by the amazing Director Rupert Wyatt. I’m telling you at some points you completely forget their computerized apes. The filming was done great and the actors worked well together the chemistry between the Apes was felt. This movie proves that you could say it all with your face.

I was amused, amazed, and left with a feeling wanting more. I really hope for a sequel, and actually in some parts there are hints for a sequel. So look out for those. I highly recommend you go to the theatres ASAP and watch this movie you wont be dissapointed. Please leave your comment in the section below. Thanks

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