I Love You, Man directed by John Hamburg. Through most of the movie you can tell it is a comedy, but everything leads back to the romance in the movie particularly towards the end. I Love You, Man starring Paul Rudd, Rashida Jones, and Jason Segal takes place in California.Peter Claven (Rudd) proposes to Zooey (Jones) and she says “yes”. Meanwhile Peter is a realtor and doesn’t have to many guy friends. So Peter goes on a couple of guy “dates” to look for some friends he can invite to the wedding and for one to be his best man. Peter is more of a ladies man because all of his friends are women. After going on several bizarre “dates” with men he gives up and concentrates on his job. He is a successful realtor and is selling a mansion worth millions, so he plans to make a lot of money. Peter had an open house because he really needed to sell soon since the owner, Lou Ferrigno was getting angry with him. At the open house he meets an investor by the name of Sydney Fife (Jason Segal), who is a very honest and laid back who draws a liking to Peter. They exchange business cards and then Sydney left the open house. Peter, after hesitating to call Sydney deciding one time to leave a message that he thought was really embarrassing. Later on that night Sydney calls him and asks to go hang out at a bar. Peter, who usually doesn’t drink much got rather drunk along with Sydney. During the next couple months they hung out all the time and Peter asks Sydney to be his best man at his wedding. Sydney asks Peter for money for an “investment” he was looking into and Peter gave him the loan. When Zooey confronts Peter and finds out that he has been keeping stuff from her they split up. During the break up Peter finds out what the loan to Sydney was for. It ends up he was praising him as a realtor. Peter tells Sydney to take them down which he does. The ending of this movie is kind of predictable.The acting in this movie I think is really amazing. The role of Jason Segal as Sydney Fife I think is a perfect match and he fits that type of character. Zooey and Peter are a good couple together. Overall, I think the acting was very well done. The only thing that I didn’t really like was the role of Zooey’s friends because they aren’t relevant and they take a little bit away from the movie, but adds a little humor to the movie. It was well casted. What I really liked in the movie was how Peter was a realtor because that is a perfect job for a guy that needs guy friends. He has a chance to sell a nice home for a lot of money and meet new people and because of this he meets his best friend, Sydney.Overall, I think the movie was funny and romantic at the same time and if you are ever in a mood to relax and watch a funny movie I would recommend you watch I Love You, Man. I would recommend this movie to all Jason Segal fans for sure. It was very well written film and I think people who are a fan of comedies should watch this movie.