The film , Shrek Forever After , is far from original , it lacks in major areas such as character and plot development , which this movie could have been better than what it was , but its what you would expect from a 4th movie in a dragged on series. This is just a way for Dreamworks to make the quick buck; Then in 3D no less thank god i did not screen the film in 3D. Anyway i feel the franchise had lost its sense of humor and charm after the 3rd one , and making a 4th one and like i stated above in 3D i think is pushing there luck , and i’m now seeing it because i wanted to wait and see how well it was gonna do , and since it has been number 1 for the best 3 weeks i figure it was time. But the studio is completely stating that this is the Final chapter , i will believe that when i see it. 

But i’m not advising you to skip it , because if you are a fan of the franchise (which i was until the 3rd one) but you love this lovable character so much , that well and like most people have , they certainly have seen all the previous Shrek’s, Well your not gonna stop now are ya? thats what i asked myself , but i thought this could achieve something and suppose it did , it ended the series now i am not mad i went and saw it , i’m glad i did see it because its pretty much orge (for now!) , But all the critics that are saying this is the worst in all Shrek movies i would probably agree with that , this one and the 3rd are equally the same , blandish , and unnecessary , i mean c’mon did we honestly need another installment in the series.

I Felt that the plot well was not really thought up in a very well manner , i mean think about i believe this premise we have seen many times , before , its nothing new , but i guess you could say you are rooting for Shrek throughout the movie , i guess. But i feel the way they advertise the film , they make it seem like we are gonna see alot of everyone , and well we don’t , i think we saw puss for a total of 15-20 mins , and this time hes bigger and fatter than ever , which really did not help the plot , he was just there to make us laugh which i guess is what its suppose to. The glimmer of this movie has a long overdue faded out. 

The story rotates around Shrek , who i guess is happier than ever , he has a wife , kids , and a home , and friends who adore him. I Guess its getting to much for him , feeling that he does the same thing every day , day after day , and he feels that he needs to be feared more than loved i guess what kind of message is that suppose to show to kids. i have no idea but i guess its Shrek. After having a moment at his children’s first Birthday party. He makes a deal that he has always wanted , or a wish he has always wanted granted a long needed R & R time , then out of nowhere we run into the washed up has-been who is looking for a way out , Rumpelstiltskin, a little red hair , pip-squeak , that is extremely annoying after a while. He tricks Shrek into signing a deal so that he could be an orge for a day.

 Sad thing is that he did not read the fine – print which an idiot who has seen or heard about contracts that you read it to every last detail. Now he has been transformed back to his old-self and he loves it , but like i said he has no idea what happens , until he sees that his wife (Fiona) is wanted , and then soon realizes that well he was conned. Then the movie i guess you could say takes off in an oddly direction. The voice work , here is new , feat. John Ham (Mad Men) and Jane Lynch .. and one of the many (little things) i enjoyed about the film was Craig Robinson and his chimmy-jonga stand. There are minor things i enjoyed about the film but not alot. This is your typical sequel a washed up franchise that has lost its spark and thunder , it moves fast and its short , and i think and i hope this is the final chapter but who knows that for sure , i’m not gonna say in my critical opinion because if you have seen the other ones , then obviously see this one , just not in theaters i say Rent it, its not as good or as fun , but minor laughs , and it was alot of fun seeing all the characters back. 





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