I Have waited 11 years for this movie , and honest to god , i have been dieing to see this movie. im sad to say from what my sources are saying is the last one. I loved and enjoyed every second of Toy Story 3 , Pixar which does not surprise me has brought yet again another brilliant , and unforgettable movie to the big screen and that is cause for celebration. I was worried at the fact John Lasssaster was gonna be behind this film , but i suppose that is ok. This film brings back so many unforgettable memories that i had as a child. I grew up with this amazing toys. They taught me stuff nobody else could and to infinity and Beyond , it just brings tears to my eyes , as it well to everyone else in your theater. i remember when the 1st one came out back in 1995. It was absolute favorite film. 

After i saw the teaser play along with UP! , i was thrilled , to bad we had to wait a whole year , and now that year has gone past and its finally here , and i rushed out to see the film today on its opening day which does not surprise me. This was the film i was most looking forward to this summer , because well look at it . TOY STORY!.. you cant argue with that logic , little boys and girls need to move over cause me and unlike every kid who is like ANDY and all grown up , we have been waiting longer than they have. I Thought about dressing up as one of my favorite characters. 

Like the 1st and 2nd Toy Story this 3rd installment has touched on and important message and this one yet again has, this movie brings and teaches us a little thing called love , it teaches the value of loyalty and friendship and most important family , and you cant turn your back on family. the whole gang has been brought back to life again like i clearly stated before , brings tears to my eyes. You need to bring tissues to this one folks. Another thing the 3D took away from this movie , i guess you could say it works, but unnecessary. I Wish 3D would go away this film i figured after meet the Robinsons.

Toy Story 3 has one of the best epilogues i have ever had the chance to encounter. it was so touching and beautiful. The story of how this toys all managed to make it this far , and now they must face a very important issue , some of the humor also in this movie was kind of suggested. considering the kind of like Mobster feel and Prison guard feel (if you see the film you will understand) but in this G-Rated film you cant really go wrong it strikes the perfect note on every level. Pixar i have no idea how you do it. with it being a sequel i thought it would ruin the franchise but it does not even come close. I Do feel it lacks some of the charm unlike the other 2, but that is just a tiny flaw its basically perfect. 

Director Lee Unkrich knows what he is doing he takes the ropes of this unforgettable series with power and pride. Tho not as good as his predecessor director he still manages and knows clearly what he is doing, But the fact that it is in 3D does take away but still entertaining. too bad there are no plans to make a 4th one thats more money rite there. After i heard Buzz say infinity and beyond , i about just wanted to ball my eyes out and Woody saying “Reach for the Sky” .. the opening sequence will clear that up brings us back to when Andy was little. 

The film gets started on a high note with the opening sequence re-introducing all the old pals or gang from the original. With remembering the old days when Andy was young and still wanted to play with the critters. But too bad that was long ago and now Andy is all grown up and is moving on to the college life and now must throw or get rid of his old toys , on a sudden act of love he keeps woody and sends the rest of the toys into the attic , but as his mother mistakes them for garbage she puts them on the street for pickup. Soon after they relize Andy is not gonna play with them anymore. and most move on. 

Now they are leaving to go to Sunnyside, a daycare center which is not what it seems. The trailer does not show you what is really gonna happend and it miss-directs your attention away from what is really gonna happen. As soon as they arrive they are mistaken buy Lots -o huggin bear. a huge purple bear. who kind of reminds me off Prospector from the sequel , which should tell you all you need to know about him. The toys are not that friendly there in fact they don’t care for the new toys that much , Sunnyside although is a day care seems like a prison. Run buy the bear which is shocking because this is a G-Rated film , but yea i still loved the film. 

To recap here folks , it was good and great seeing the crew back-together i mean that and i mean it when i say i loved this film and is buy a fair margin the best kids film i have seen all year. Leave it to pixar to make another HIT!. This movie did not need to be in 3D but it works , that last 15mins of this movie will have you in tears especially , but your leaving with a smile on your face. There are good laughs here and there which help with the movies great ensemble cast including A Micheal Keaton Ken Doll , but this movie you need to cherish this makes us appreciate the series that much more. And i am glad to say the film really brings back memories to infinity and beyond! god its good to say that again. the toys are truly back and I LOVE IT!





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