The Last Stand

Arnie is BACK. It has been ten years since terminator 3, and while Arnie was the Governator, action cinema has changed; CGI has taken over and old school action films have been lost. That is however until the Stallone made The Expendables; an old school film with old school action, and it had a cameo from Arnie. This left the audience wanting more. Then came along the sequel, in which Arnie’s role was expanded upon significantly; more action, more dialogue, even references to earlier films. But us fans wanted more.

Not even a year later, we fans got what we wanted; the first Arnold Schwarzenegger action film with him as the main character for a full decade. But how does it hold up to other classic Schwarzenegger films such as Predator and Commando? Well, it’s not as good as them, but it is definitely worth your money. The film is pure escapism, if you want to see lots of shooting and car chases, look no further. But if you want a film that has a plot makes sense, Oscar worthy acting and directing, then you’re in the wrong place. If you come to watch this film, then you should know what to expect.

The film consists of two storylines that start separately but meet up near the end. Forrest Whitaker plays government agent overseeing an operation to transfer a highly dangerous prisoner, a very weak drug kingpin character. But when that prisoner escapes, he flees to Mexico, but in his way is a small town with Schwarzenegger as its sheriff. Meanwhile, this small town has to deal with the drug dealers associates building a bridge across a canyon between the US and Mexico.

When the bad guys get to the town, Arnie and gang is ready to stop them, and this leads to about thirty minutes of classic Arnie action. Stuff blows up, cars get flipped over and Arnie shoots bad guys. It’s not perfect, as I mentioned before, the villain is very weak, but the bad guys as a whole is saved by an always excellent Peter Stormare; one of the characters that tries to build that bridge. The film could have also have done without the parallel story with Whitaker, and the film solely being about Arnie and his town. But these are minor gripes with a film that is just fun.


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