So, now that the whole Hostel craze on the idea of “gore porn” is outdated (until part 3 hits theaters sometime next year (speculated)), lets move onto another part of horror that is under-seen: medically accurate and disturbing surgery. So a man named Tom Six decided to make a movie that was equally scary and gross, and he used to joke with his friends that rapists should have their mouths sown to a fat trucker’s ass. Ergo, the movie. The movie was, in my opinion, very stupid, not scary, not very gory, not very enthralling, and shitty, generally, with the plot and the acting and all of that jargon. It was as if someone made a scary movie, then they said “now lets mess with it,” and they put stupid shit (please pardon my language) left and right that ruined the movie’s ability to be f’d up nasty and gross, along with disturbingly scary.

So the movie starts out with this dude in a Mercedes-Benz pleasuring himself to a picture of dogs, when a trucker stops and goes into the woods area to use the restroom. When this occurs, the man gets out of his Mercedes, goes to the trunk and gets out a rifle, follows the man like DIRECTLY behind him, and shoots him with a tranquillizer dart. Beginning of the movie. But, the movie is mainly about these two American girls who are looking to go to a party where this guy they met in Europe told them to go to when their car’s tire pops. They run off to this nice house, where a VERY pissed-off-looking German man (like Hitler’s pissed-off-ness times 4), who also happens to be the truck-stop shooter, comes to the door, lets them in, drugs them, and informs them that they are to be involved in his next experiment: the connection of 3 humans through the gastric system so that they can move and live as a three-person unit with one general digestive system. Nasty shit (again, excuse my language).

Best Aspects: The idea of it? Maybe it is just the Cronenberg-esque of it, but it seems like it could actually be scary. But it failed, and it was just stupid and like a “what the f-?” situation.

Bottom Line: F. Horrible movie. If you have the chance to see this movie, light it on fire with a soldering torch, and then flip off the person who gave it to you and remind them every day that their taste in movies is terrible (no offense to the film, at least).