Obssessed (2009)

Obsessed is a thriller starring Beyonce Knowles (Dreamgirls) Idris Elba and Ali Larter (Heroes). Ali Larter plays a temporary assistant Lisa to Derrick who is Sharon’s Husband. Sharon and Dereck are a happily married couple with a son Kyle. Life seems to be going perfect for them they have just moved into a beautiful home they are well supported and settling in nicely to a happy life. Until Lisa squeezes her way into there life. She becomes attached to Dereck and believes that she can become the new Sharon and want to win him over by any means.

I thought that this was one of the best performances that I have seen by Beyonce Knowles. The roles that we have seen her have mostly been musical and it is nice to see her spread her wings away from something other then Dreamgirls and the Fighting Temptations which both have musical parts in them. In this role she has a bit of romance and a bit of action as well as drama in it. Its nice to see how she can pull off all of those in one film. You really see what she can do in her acting.

The climax of the film is the cat fight by far. I have to say that it was the best girl fight that I have seen all year. Its not quick and both girls put up one hell of a fight. The chemistry between Ali Larter and Beyonce Knowles is great. Even though they don’t share a lot of screen time together you can just tell by the way they look at each other when they do share time together on the screen that they work well together.

I recommend seeing this film if you want to sit on the edge of your seat. I really enjoyed. Ali Larter and Beyonce Knowles were great.

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