Is Get Him To The Greek as good as Forgetting Sarah Marshall? , it it maybe as good as Knocked Up?; Well this film is a new edition to the long line of the legacy that is the Judd Apatow films. Your asking yourself is this film worth your time in general , Well the answer is maybe , your wondering and wondering , throughout the picture , if its well maybe funny?. The film Get Him to the Greek , is a spin-off , of Forgetting Sarah Marshall , about the Rock star has been – Aldous Snow whom you may remember from FSM. The film , slacks in some major areas like making me laugh , i felt somewhat disappointed once i had left the theater , feeling as tho i did not get my money’s worth. The leads are in there comedic prime , Jonah Hill has a wonderful career as anactor and Russel Brand is getting over making fun of the Jonas Brothers , Russel Brand is as Ridiculous as he could ever be in this movie , which is what i would think you would expect from a man of his satire. But one person who stole the movie , which his communicability and his laugh out loud funny ROMP!; is a newcomer , to the movie biz , well sort of. P Diddy are Sean Combs is the scene stealer, he was the real shocker of the film.

Who thought he would be a perfect asset to the film i didn’t but he was a surprise which is what your kind of hoping for going into a film like this a breakout star , kind of like Christopher Mintz-Plasse in Superbad as the infamous McLovin. GHTTG , stumbles at parts when they have no clue, which way or direction there going in , I thought some of the party scenes were a little to i don’t know edgy for my liking. The drug level in this movie was kind of high , this is not a film for the children parents. Also the Gratuitousness of some of the massive sex scenes in this picture they took a little to far at times. Now it may seem that i am rambling on , but i’m giving the facts here. Get him to the Greek , is a light eased back comedy , but also it seems as the person sitting behind me laughing at most major laughing points , well as to me it appears he had more fun with it then i did. Now i could never really get into Forgetting Sarah Marshall , let alone Knocked up , those movies tend not to be good for my taste. At certain points in the picture , the movie itself has no idea! what it wants to be. Does it want to be , Mind f**king with P-Diddy , the drug humor Jeffery , or puking on the Today show.

The songs in this movie are just downright wrong , songs feat. The Clap , and a very racial African Child , which they also might have taken that too far. the film is like a Roller Coaster , get ready to go up! and then DOWN! .. then watch Jonah Hill get a dildo shoved up his ass or in his mouth!. Disgusting , but i will admit i was laughing till i was crying at that part of the film , cause well it catched me off guard. There was also one brief scene were Jonah’s Character had to shove heroine up his ass , and a man getting stabbed for money!.. The plot here i’m thinking if its original or not , i mean who does not know a rock star to not go out and party and get drunk , anyway. Aldous Snow is at the head of his game , as the lead singer of Infant Sorrow the band within the movie within this movie. He has everything he could want , a life , a wife , money , a family. But after one of the biggest flops in History!. African Child. Aldous Snow went from Top , to rock bottom. Now with the music business falling apart , we need the next big thing!. Thats were we meet Aaron Green , little chubby man , who is an intern for a big music corporation. 

Sergio played very hilarious , with outstanding comedic timing (Sean Combs) , does think Aaron is on to something , by bringing back Aldous Snow for an Anniversary concert. Well turns out in order for that to work , Aaron must go to London and pick him up and bring him back for the show at the Greek theater. Once there Aaron immediately finds out Aldous is way different then he thought he would be!. Also Aaron soon realizes that he does not have control then , he will not get Aldous back to the theater in time for the SHOW!. To end on a high note , no i’m not a 100% on the grade that it is receiving. But gonna trust my instincts , here. To recap its safe to see this movie , maybe see it at the multiplex , idk , or check out on DVD or HBO when it comes out your not really missing anything , the film here is forgettable .. same as Robin Hood , is it this years Hangover? not even close.. but its decent , i give them credit for trying , they did a decent overall job.. Watch out for some of the humor here , maybe go into the film with low expectations , mite be a good thing to do maybe that way you will like more than i did!.





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