Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Action,Adventure “Prince Of Persia: The Sands of Time” (2010)

“Prince Of Persia: The Sands of Time” (2010)

The Film Prince Of Persia may come to some as stupid lazy , hazy , and a movie that everyone will probably stay away from do i recommend this? Maybe , because i’m still a little unsure on the rating i am giving it , i feel this movie was actually pretty good and i’m eager to see it again just to make sure i got my facts straight. The movie Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer , So you know this movie may or may not be a Blockbuster , i honestly couldn’t tell you cause the screening i was at there were only about 20 people in the theater, which says maybe this might not hold up so well at the box office. But hey you never know, like i said this movie has many flaws starting out with its cheesy plot and acting credits here. I Was surprised buy how Original some of the material was in this film , i was ultimately shocked at the fact it kept a good pace for a 2hour movie its very rare you come upon a movie and its 2hrs and it moves very quick, now sometimes that can be a good thing or a bad thing, some of the parts in the movie kind of drag on but i really didn’t notice anything, i was to focused on what was going on in my head, But also this movie reminds me alot of the old disney flick Alladin , This has a kind of good feel to it , like a vibe that at times are at most times cool!. Now at some point of this movie you can completely tell when something is fake and something is not , like you can tell when the CG I snake is flying at your face , and also another thing that really surprised me about this movie is the fact that it wasn’t like any of those movies in post-production and then decided to convert to 3D like Clash Of The Titans which wasn’t all the good and the newer more recent The Last Airbender and i feel that if Prince of Persia had gotten the 3D treatment if would not have been as good. But the movie’s acting chops are another thing we have the beautiful new Gemma Argenton , or something of that nature as the smoking hot goddess of Alamut.

The opening of a movie says it all about weather or not your going to get into this movie or not , and about at the mid-way point i said to myself yes i can get into this , i also thought that about Robin Hood because i could not get into that, but anyway , I Did like the feeling of the , of the stage set in Alamut where the hidden Dagger that everyone is talking about which holds the fable sands of time that no one has ever believed existed, and your looking or thinking to yourself how impossible that stuff is as in most movies they tend to do that , But if your going along with the movie then yes, you will believe anything. Well here you have Jake Gyllenhaal here as the lead which i’m still unsure if he was the absolute best for this take on the classic video game , What mainly differs this one from all the other game adaptations , is because the fact that this movie knows where its going it sort of sticks to the storyline of the game and what not , but it doesn’t take a turn for the worst as such game adaptations such as Lara Croft: Tomb Raider: Cradle Of Life , that film was pure garbage , and i really didn’t like the first all that much either than you throw in the Resident Evil series in there , after the 1st one they take a major downhill. But thats what makes this movie what it is , it knows where its headed in the Right Direction.

Then we have this guy just seems to always to be the bad guy does not matter what movie you put him in , if you see Ben Kingsley show up you can just almost assume that he is the bad guy , well people might also say the same thing with him in Shutter Island but i tell people go out and see the movie and you will understand , or maybe you wont? considering that its difficult to comprehend just watching that movie once. and i’m very eager to see that film again , because i know i did not catch all of it the first time , but thats another review. But here he is the Evil Uncle which i know judging by the newer theatrical poster that hes the clearly the villain here , which like i said he tends to be in every movie. Well not every movie anyway. The Film starts out at a very fast moving pace , which can always be good , it just gets right into , almost immediately , gets right into the battles, we meet Dastan, who is the hero of our story, he used to be a slum living boy , who lived on the streets , until one day the king comes into town and notices the boys authentic talent , and take him in as one of there own , after that he becomes a prince of Perisa , after leading an army into Alamut because they need to prove that there selling weapons to the enemy of persia. They raid the town searching but nothing , so what could it be there all looking for?.

Well the king comes into Alamut that day to celebrate that victory , but when Dastan is given a gift buy his brother , to give to his father , as a token of appreciation , were are unfortunate to find out that it is poison and it soon after kills the king , which forces Dastan to leave the kingdom because , they think he has murdered the king , he flees the area with Princess Tamina his future wife to be together they must bring down the rain of the Uncle before he does something terribly drastic , But wait theres more a dagger the Prince has received from Battle , but its not just any dagger , its a dagger that holds special ability’s , that the holder of the dagger , it turns back time. Well with the sand that is in it , The holder of the dagger is the only one that knows what is happening right in front of him. Along the way me meet some tacky , but yet fun men who don’t like to pay taxes , and can throw a knife like no one’s business , but after all that , the explosive astonishing , ending this movie some what makes up for its flaws. This movie like i said decent , i thought it was fun , enjoyable , and Authentic time at the movies , it had humor , made me laugh , and a good plot (somewhat) , based of the popular video game , series the movie soars to new heights , and takes back time , and sucks out the clock , but the movie , is a true treasure in a way , maybe more like a gem.





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