Trailers: Centurion

Dog Soldiers, Doomsday, The Descent. Two crap-fests and one (The Descent) amazing film that made me have hope in Neil Marshall. Centurion seems to have the same keys as all of the previous films, in the sense of violence and language ratings, and the movie looks to be, actually, good.

The movie is about seven Roman soldiers who, after being attacked and having their commanding officer killed, are on the run from the countrymen of England, and have to fight to survive, if they are even able to.

Best Aspects: It’ll be violent, looks dramatic and heart-felt, and it is probably going to have good acting because Michael Fassbender (AKA God of cinema) is starring in the movie.

Bottom Line: B+. This may rejuvenate Neil Marshall! Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

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